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  • Port a 212 Number to T-Mobile Digits

    Tired of carrying 2 phones everywhere, one for your old number and one for your new 212 number? You’re in luck; T-Mobile has announced that starting May 31st any customer can have another set of Digits with one device, this way you can carry one phone...

  • 332 Area Code? Get a 212 Number!

    Manhattan is set to get a new area code on June 10th: 332, this new area code is not going to replace any existing area code but will rather be an overlay to the 212 and 646 area codes which are exclusive to Manhattan. While 212 is mainly used for landlines...

  • What do you get when you order a 212 number

    Now when you sign up for service with you are signing up for one full month of call forwarding service, this service includes 100 call forwarding minutes to any US phone number. You will receive access to your number and be able to modify...

  • Pair A 212 Phone Number With Ring.To And OBI For Free Phone Service

    UPDATE: is now a paid service, just $18 a year, still a good bargain. There are a lot of perks to using Ring.To. Most notably, it allows you to save a huge amount of money on phone calls. One drawback that keeps many people from fully embracing...

  • Ring.To | Use A 212 Number While Keeping Your Existing Number

    UPDATE: is now a paid service, just $18 a year, still a good bargain. Have you been thinking about buying a 212 area code phone number, but are holding back because you don’t necessarily want to give up your existing home, cell or office number...

  • FREE 212 Phone Number – Promo (Concluded)

    At, our clients tell us their success stories all the time. After all, a high-quality 212 phone number can enhance a company’s image and produce many other great benefits too. We’d love to hear more accolades from existing customers,...

  • 212 Phone Number – Porting vs. Call-Forwarding

    What is the Difference between Number Porting & Call Forwarding? Number Porting – Local number portability (LNP) Local Number Portability (LNP), also known as number portability and number porting, enables you to transfer / port the 212 telephone...

  • Professional Voice & IVR Recordings for 212 Phone Number

    Voicemail and IVR systems are extremely important. They are the gateway to your business and they should be recorded by professionals. If you’ve heard our greetings and wondered how I can get such professional sounding greetings, the answer is: Amtapes...

  • Google Voice 212 Phone Number

    Porting a 212 area code phone number that is purchased from to Google voice is one of the wisest things you can do, here are a few benefits you will receive when using Google Voice combined with a 212 number: Google Voice is FREE ! ...

  • 212 Area Code Cell Phone Number

    One of the most common questions we get here at is whether you can port a 212 phone number to a cell phone. The answer we always provide is a sure YES, a 212 number on a cell phone is made possible through “Local Number Portability ...



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