2017-05-25 Tired of carrying 2 phones everywhere, one for your old number and one for your new 212 number? You’re in luck; T-Mobile has announced that starting May 31st any customer can have another set of Digits with one device, this way you can carry one phone and have both numbers, your old number and your brand new 212 phone number. Over 30 million people across the US carry more than one phone, from now on there’s no more juggling or laying out more dough for another phone; one phone, two numbers. According to T-Mobile you can now port any number into this new and exciting service and use across many other devices, including your friends when you’re out of juice. Even better, if your current cell phone is with another provider and your employer provides you with T-Mobile service, they can assign you a Digits line, this way you get to keep your existing number and carry only one phone. Read more about this new and exciting offer from T-Mobile: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/digits-launch.htm Get your 212 phone number today and port it ported over to Digits: https://212areacode.com/shop/ The post Port a 212 Number to T-Mobile Digits appeared first on 212areacode.com.