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  • A few corrections

    We found a few misleading errors on our website today that may have confused you or cast doubt over what you were actually buying when clicking. It all looks good now, but if you notice anything that confuses please contact us for assistance and reassurance...

  • Our look?

    I like that this site is simple to use and navigate around. We have just changed our banner to be a little more funky with a touch of attitude. Do you like it? Eating out abroad with!

  • Are you unsure if can help?

    Get in touch and we will answer you as quickly as we can. Email with your question and we will promptly let you know if we can help and how our website easily supplies you with cards you can print for yourself at home.

  • Better Value from our allergy cards

    We have made an across the range price improvement with all our downloadable cards priced at NZD7.00. We do hope this makes your use of our service much more affordable so you can spend more on enjoying rating out while you are traveling.

  • The never ending perils of allergies and travel

    Despite being really well prepared, allergies can still make travel difficult. Should this guy have brought a swag of food on board just in case and then had to throw it away if the airline had provided safe meals?

  • Cards Now in Vietnamese

    We recently traveled through Vietnam with and with their assistance all our cards are now for sale in vietnamese!

  • Vietnamese cards coming soon!

    We will soon have cards available in Vietnamese thanks to our friends at Please email us if you need them urgently.

  • Healthy Food Magazine

    Watch the NZ magazine shops week of 23 August for a piece about this website.

  • Trip Advisor Post recommending

    4. Re: Secrets Maroma Beach Peanut Allergy Jan 13, 2010, 10:22 PM Be careful of cross-contamination. These websites might help with spanish language translations of peanut allergies. Reply

  • Je suis allergique

    French cards are now here. Travel to France or Tahiti and eat without your allergy getting in the way. Bon Voyage!

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