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  • Learn About New Auto Technology for Teen Driver Safety (and your sanity)

    My first car was a Dodge Aspen, a giant plain-Jane sedan that could traverse snow and ice in the tundra of northern Indiana in the winter. When it arrived in my parents’ driveway, it had a simple AM radio and that’s it; to my teenage sensibilities, that...

  • The Dog Ate My Baby Name

    Hi Amy, I’ve read your advice to others on this subject, but haven’t stumbled across anything specific to our situation, so I would love your, and your reader’s, perspective! I am 29 weeks pregnant with my second baby boy, and like so many others,...

  • Get Your World Cup Finals 2018 Party Food Flags Here!

    The World Cup Soccer Finals 2018 Game is this Sunday (July 15th)! Are you ready for a festive world cup soccer-themed party? Whether you are throwing a big shin-dig with your all your football-loving friends or just hanging out with the family on the...

  • DIY T-Shirt Swimsuit Cover-Ups as a fun Summer Craft

    This is a wonderful craft for bored tweens. Take a long hot summer day and this will keep them busy and off their screens for hours. Then when they are done they can take their creations to the pool and show off their creativity! Supplies to make these...

  • Stock your local Little Free Library with your next book purge

    When my kids are home in the summertime, I like to spend a little time with them every day — or more realistically once per week — cleaning and refreshing their shared room. I don’t know how your kids feel about cleaning, but mine are not exactly excited...

  • Ice Cream Sundaes with Star Cookies for Patriotic Festivities (or any day!)

    I decided I’d seen enough flag cakes at parties and we needed to invent an Ice Cream Sundae for Patriotic Holidays instead because everyone loves ice cream… especially on a hot summer day! Then we topped it with a Star Sugar Cookie to be extra festive...

  • How to Make UFO Cupcakes

    July 2nd is World UFO Day and we are not the type to let that fly by without identifying (with) it. We had to make cupcake toppers of course because that’s what we do. Let’s have a UFO party and eat flying cupcake saucers! All you need is our UFO cupcake...

  • Hashtag: ChooseKind. (Showing Kids How to Make an Apology and Accept One)

    A couple of weeks ago, my youngest and I were sitting outside waiting for his brother to get out of piano class when we were witness to an interaction between a local resident and mail carrier. There was some commotion and the boys were confused and...

  • Yummy Gummy Candy Summer Drinks for Kids!

    It’s important for kids to stay hydrated during summer but it’s also important to have fun. (Let’s preface this by saying there’s a lot of sugar recommended here. So, this is for a special treat on a long boring summer day… not every day, okay?)  Or...

  • Visiting Chicago with Teens & Tweens (our Fave Things to Do and Places to Eat)

    When your kids reach the tween and teen ages, family trips and vacations can become a bit more challenging. I know my two boys, currently ages 14 and 16, are increasingly less interested in theme parks and other one-stop destinations, so our solution...

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