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  • Weekending & a Giveaway

    Hey guys! On Sunday we took a day to just re-charge our batteries, which was so, so nice. We like to have weekend "date days" if we can, but this one seemed to last a little bit longer, and to be a little more easy going than others. Summer seems to...

  • Southern Inspired Beans 'n Greens

    When Dave and I moved to Virginia, one of the things that I was most excited for was all the delicious southern food that our bellies were going to experience. I love all the flavors that southern food has— especially Old Bay seasoning. And living on...

  • What to Wear for an Engagement Photo Session

    I'm going to be totally honest with you. I had to Google multiple times what Dave and I should wear for our engagement photos. I knew we didn't want to match, but I also knew we wanted to coordinate. Big difference. Also, I'm super sentimental, and...

  • Books I've Read This Spring

    Hello all! I thought it would be fun to check in with what books I've been reading for this hot, slow Monday. I don't know about you, but when the weather is this hot and humid, the only thing I want to do is sit somewhere with a huge glass of unsweetened...

  • Tips For a Successful Engagement Session

    Last Monday Dave and I had our engagement session with our wedding photographer. Robin of Robin Fox Photography is going to be our photographer, and I could not be happier with our choice. Having your engagement photos taken can be weird. You and your...

  • It's Tuesday Morning, and I'm Back From Vacation

    Hi Friends! I didn't really make it that known that Dave and I were going to Rochester last week, but we did, and now we're back just in time to have that back in the office blues. Spending your vacation's visiting home is the weirdest feeling. It...

  • Between the Lines - Where'd You Go Bernadette

    Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple is a novel detailing the disappearance of Bernadette Fox. It is told through a series of notes, emails and memories. The book is very interesting, and has very biting, witty language. The format with the emails...

  • You Know You're a Blogger When...

    My life has changed because I write this blog. And my blog is itty bitty. I find myself doing, saying and thinking the weirdest things. I've become a blogger. I've noticed that bloggers can be identified by some common traits. So I put together a short...

  • Choosing Your Wedding Hashtag

    This is kind of a funny fact, but after we told our families, and everything had settled down, one of the first things that Dave and I were talking about after we got engaged was what our wedding hashtag was going to be. I wanted something cute, and...

  • I'm Basic.

    I like to wear leggings. I LOVE to drink Starbucks. I wear scarves all the time. To me, those things just make me, me. But for some reason, because I do and like those things, our community labels me as “basic.” I'm not really sure where this term...

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