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  • The making of me and you ...

    Reddit shared BBC - Earth's interactive web site showing "The making of me and you ... The making of me and you -- Extraordinary personalised facts about you and your body... instantly find out: • The chemical ingredients that make up you, and what...

  • Do you brush your teeth with running water/h2o?

    Yes. Sometimes. No. I don't brush my teeth. I don't have running water. I don't have teeth. I don't have a tooth brush. I don't have any water. I don't have them.

  • Mashed's YouTube Videos

    Mashed's YouTube channel has tons of animated, funny, (nerd/geek)y, and mostly short videos (some are offensive and potty mouth): "Do you like sweet cartoons? Comedy? Video games? Then you've come to the right place! Mashed collaborates with awesome...

  • Star Wars Episode IV/4 (A New Hope) in 1/one picture.

  • Uno Anime

    Dorkly shared an animated one minute and 39 seconds YouTube video showing "If UNO Was an Anime". They were based on non-animated original two/2 parts comic (#1 and #2).

  • Star Trek Beyond (2016) Movie/F(ilm/ick) Trailers

    Yesterday, Movie-List and mentioned a new full trailer (also old trailers) for Star Trek Beyond. It looks decent so far.

  • Did you know Donald J(ohn) Trump was into wrestling (e.g., World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WW(F/E)))?

    Yes. No. Who is Donald J. Trump? What is World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WW(F/E)))? What is wrestling? What are these things?

  • 8-Bit Trailers ((Movie/F(lick/ilm)s)

    BenevolentDick's YouTube channel video playlist shows "8-Bit Trailers" of movie/f(ilm/lick)s). There are currently eight/8 videos.

  • Lazy Game Reviews

    Lazy Game Reviews (LGR)'s YouTube channel has a bunch of videos showing its "Opinionated reviews, commentary, and snark on games and more. Retro PC games, The Sims, Oddware, thrifting! ..."

  • -- A growing hungry worm game like old Nibbler game.

    It is a game like old Nibbler game that this old school gamer used to play on an Apple //c as a callow ant. Your BUSY worker ant got 23 and 44 as the results. The game was a bit slow to navigate. :(

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