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  • For my $35,000+ all I got was books that I could have gotten from the library that could guide me better Alleges Former ...

    Riches and real estate seminars have long littered the landscape, with outrageous pitches to get rich quick emanating from Holiday Inn conference rooms on any night of the week, but now charges of a “scam” coming from these so called “educational seminars...

  • Bubonic Plague Case Confirmed

    A Michigan resident has contracted the rare, life threatening bubonic plague – the first recorded instance in the public health history in Michigan, state officials have affirmed. A Marquette county resident is considered to have contracted the flea...

  • Trade Mission To China Hailed a Sucess

    Government delegates and more than 50 business took part in the excursion, representing more than 30 companies across 7 sectors. “We’ve made some major steps forward with some essential deals struck between our state and really some of our state’s companies...

  • Mount Aso Volcano Erupts

    Mount Aso — a volcano on the southern main island of Kyushu in Japan — ashes more than a mile into the air and has erupted, spewing black smoke, the Japanese Meteorological Agency says. Up to now, there have been no reports of injuries or damage, but...

  • Pakistan Cancels NSA Level Talks

    The Pakistan security advisor today cancelled NSA level talks that were  scheduled to happen in India. The Pakistan National Security Advisor, Sartaj Aziz, stated the reasons to be India’s firm stand on not allowing Pakistan to have any meetings with...

  • Accident In Sonkachh Kills Two

    An accident claimed the lives of two people on the indore bhopal road when a truck rammed a motorcycle. Jagatram, son of mukesh kumar muradiya, was travelling with his brother sonu on their motorcycle(MP41-MX4530) towards dewas when the incident took...

  • Mumbai High Court Demands To Install CCTV In Female Coaches

    The Mumbai high court, in the light of a recent incident in which a girl was assaulted in a female coach, has demanded the state machinery to install CCTV cameras in Female Coaches. A bench headed by justice Naresh Patel has given this suggestion because...

  • Indore : BRTS Bottleneck To Be Expanded

    The Public Interest Litigation against stopping the entry of cars in the BRTS lane was heard by the division bench on Wednesday, but due to the lack of time the hearing could not be completed. It is anticipated that the trial will proceed on Thursday...

  • Sania Mirza To Get The Khel Ratna Award

    Tennis Star Sania Mirza will get the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. This news is based on the fact that her name was suggested by the committee that decides the awards. The committee also suggested the name of seventeen players, including cricketer...

  • Modi’s Second Rally In Bihar, Targets Nitish-Lalu Coalition

    As the Bihar state elections are coming closer, allegations and counter allegations have taken the toll. The Indian Prime Minister conducted his second rally in Gaya on Sunday. He addressed the Parivartan rally during this visit. During the rally, he...

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