2015-04-13 The big data market is not just about new technologies and platforms. Rather it is a new data engineering and science (analytics) paradigm evolving to utilize BIG properties (volume, variety, velocity and complexity) of data by either creating new business lines or improving efficiency of existing business. This solution paradigm consist of distributed computing, NoSQL databases, newer statistical techniques for analytics 2.0 and real time interactive business visualizations / predictions. Clearly if someone wants to make a career in this space they should seriously evaluate to learn basics around all three pillars of big data 1. NoSQL databases like MongoDB, MarkLogic, Cassandra etc 2. Statistics and Analytic tools like R, Python 3. Hadoop Ecosystem – Pig, Hive, Spark etc There are lots of free resources and courses available to learn the above. We also have live courses available in all the three areas which can quickly get you started in this field. Let’s look at some of the job trends below, RDBMS, NoSQL Job Trends Rdbms jobs – Nosql jobs SQL, Python, R, SAS Job Trends SQL jobs – Python jobs – R jobs – SAS jobs Datawarehouse, Hadoop Job Trends Datawarehouse jobs – Hadoop jobs