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  • The Face Shop's Green Tea Face Masks

    I was recently gifted with green tea facial masks from The Face Shop. Right in time, I had just used up all the masks that I bought from Korea. Quick Facts Manufacturer: The Face Shop Origin: South Korea Capacity: 20g Main Ingredient: Green tea...

  • My Default Order at Flaming Wings

    I had an extra long work-day recently. It was almost 9pm and I still didn't have dinner. I thought I'd eat along Katipunan as this was on the way home. I wanted something comforting, non-fast-food, and a meal with lots of rice. Then I thought: Flaming...

  • MMFF 2016: Maraming Magandang Filipino Films

    Some things that I've never done before in light of the Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) until now: Watch all entries for that year Marathon five movies in a day Write a blog entry (and pretend to be a film critic) I watched all eight entries to support...

  • #CrazyGoodFood at Carnivale

    #CrazyGoodFood at Carnivale A new Carnivale is in town and it's here to stay. This isn't a circus nor is it a Cirque-like performance. Carnivale is a restaurant with crazy good food. And by "crazy good food," I mean it. The food choices aren't those...

  • My BigSkinny Wallet: Best Wallet Ever!

    Above: Old wallet full vs Empty Big Skinny Below: Empty old wallet vs full BigSkinny I've never been happier with my Christmas gift to myself this year: a BigSkinny wallet. BigSkinny is the world's thinnest wallet. It's 10 times thinner than leather...

  • Life Planning for 2017

    Given how anxious I was after our first session and how this year panned out, I was more than excited to consult with Stargazer again to plan my life for 2017. In fact, I was more than an hour early last Tuesday! When I went in her office, I kept babbling...

  • No Coincidence in Seeing Abandoned Footwear

    I wrote about my encounters with abandoned footwear years ago. After shrugging it off, then trying to interpret it, I was finally told what it means and it made perfect sense. I'd always see discarded slippers or shoes in the least expected places....

  • The Perfect Gift for Someone who has Everything

    Someone is celebrating a special occasion--a friend, loved one, relative. You're trying to think of the perfect gift to give. The problem? This person has it all. I encountered this when my friend was about to celebrate his birthday. I was pressured...

  • Stargazer's Predictions for Me in 2016

    [UPDATED December 1, 2016] After leaving my first consultation last December, I immediately jotted down Ms. Star’s predictions and advice for me in 2016. Below are updates mostly confirming her predictions. What’s peculiar is that most of the things...

  • Back in Puerto Galera

    I'm so proud of myself for finally getting out of the metro. With friends, we ended up in Galera. Again. I always look forward to trips to Puerto Galera. I've always said that it's my go-to beach just because it's so fast and easy to get there--not...

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