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  • Biggest tire to stuff under my 99 v6

    I have a 1999 v6 and I was wondering what is the biggest tire I can stuff in there without it rubbing or having to cut the body. Thanks for all the help this forum has helped me with so far.

  • Camaro hit train - The driver walks away

    from the article: According to the news report, Darrell McCown of Conroe, Texas (the seat of Montgomery County, about 40 miles north of Houston) was southbound on FM 1485 when he lost control on a curve near the tracks and managed to cover almost 1...

  • Awesome Camaro Tuning Kits from Europe with Love

    Hello Fellow Camaro-Enthusiasts, I am new to the whole Camaro World but I can already admit that it has quickly become the love of my life. I've been traveling around Europe and was pleasently surprised to find a Camaro-tuner in the midst of Alps....

  • Starter Heat Shield Problems

    I'm currently doing and engine swap on my 1999 3.8 V6. I put in a Series III 3.8, With pacesetter headers, and the starter heat shield will not fit under the headers where it's supposed to go. Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you go by...

  • Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, new member here from Montana, I've been a Camaro fan most my life. I bought my first 1968 Camaro in 1980 when I graduated High School, ya I'm pretty darn old. I passed that car done to my son last year after we did a complete restore. I...

  • water pump problems

    ok so the weep hole was leaking and so i decided to just replace the water pump. Everyone kept telling me its just 6 bolts its easy. well its becoming a headache from hell i am able to get 5 out 6 bolts out and i cant get the middle drivers side out...

  • what is your name

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  • Ohio 68 Camaro

    We have had this car in our family before I could walk.(33now) My dad and I started bracket racing it when I was 16 years old with a mild 327sbc running 12's. We eventually stepped up our game after a few years and put a spool in with a roll bar and...

  • 95 3.4 Engine cooling fan not coming on.

    I appreciate any help offered on this issue. I am working on my mothers car, and would like to get this up and running for her. First the serpentine belt broke, I replaced it and it snapped another one. Turns out the water pump was bad when I spun it...

  • New Member

    New member from Toledo OH area... We are currently "upgrading" our 68 Camaro. I will start a project's thread. :icon_beerchug:

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