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  • F2 tank on an F1??????? Anyone do this?

    Okay so I bought an F1 with a rusty tank. Anyone put an f2 tank on an f1

  • what is this for? and do i have this right?

    ordered some rear pegs cause mine were missing when i bought the bike don't know what this hole is for? also placed this one on the passenger side is it correct? any reason why they don't have rubber on them like the front pegs looks weird Attached...

  • Low fuel indicator not working

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my 2006 F4i. My indicator comes on when I start the bike and it does the self check then goes off. The problem is, it WILL NOT come back on even when the fuel is low. Found that out the hard way. Is it the sensor? Can...

  • Hi, my name is...

    Hi, my name is Bob. Its been 6 months since I've gone for a ride.... I recently bought a 2000 CBR600F4 and am looking forward to the warmer weather in southern Indiana.

  • Big Hello

    Hi everyone, new to the site, just got my old CBR1000f on the road last week, absolutely love the bike.

  • Want to be inspired?

    The Little Person Inside - Documentary on Vimeo :icon_sultan: Cheers, SB

  • Super high temps

    My 04 600RR (38K miles) has been running hot. Really hot. I've owned multiple 600RR's and I know there is something seriously wrong. My bike runs 200F in 55F weather while cruising at 70mph. Below 40 mph, my fan is on 100% of the time and the temps sometimes...

  • This gave me a headach

    I was looking...just looking at bike listings. When I got to the many pages of Harley listings, some owners decided to list only the HD model designator. Here are some examples of what they were selling. One was a FXSTSI (Springer, soft tail, something...

  • Bike wont start after manual CCT installed

    As the title says my bike wont start after i installed a manual CCT on my 02 f4i. Im guessing that the timing jumped and thats the reason. It ran fine and i adjusted the cct to get rid of the rattle and then as i was letting it warm up to take it for...

  • tune up????

    i have not done nothing to my bike since i have gotten it I'm wondering where i should start with a tune up, i feel like i don't have a good top speed and i have to change gears faster than normal than again i know my sprockets are bigger than there...

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