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  • Promote Your Business Using Social Media Ads

    Social media has unlocked a new era of marketing for businesses big and small. It’s now more affordable than ever to reach new customers. With an advertising budget of a measly $100 per month, you can reach thousands of potential new customers. Before...

  • Are Difficult Websites In?

    The Washington Post recently published an article about a new trend of websites that can only be described as “difficult.” Now, I see you Kanye West and Apple Developer Conference, but I still believe that design and function take precedence. Clients...

  • Why are My Google Ads Not Showing?

    Google AdWords gives you tons of great ways to market your business on the internet. All you have to do is create a campaign, add some keywords and create some punchy ads that will grab your customer’s attention. Sounds simple right? Well, sometimes...

  • Website User Experience Lessons from the Smashing Magazine Conference

    Last week we got a chance to go to two workshops hosted by Smashing Magazine. I went to a workshop hosted by Dan Mall, a superfriendly creative director and advisor from Philadelphia, who talked about responsive design workflow and Mark was lucky enough...

  • The “Force” of Inspiration

    Inspiration: a force or influence that inspires someone. Personally, I have rarely been inspired by a “force”, but the “I” in inspire is relevant. One can be inspired by money, though this is rarely the true case, inspired by love, by family or even...

  • 6 Tips to an Effective Promotional Video

    A compelling promotional video can move your audience to take action. Here are six things to consider before beginning your production. 1. Target Audience Who is your target audience and what do you want them to do. This is always a great place to...

  • How to Make LinkedIn Work for You

    Whether you’re using LinkedIn as a way to find a new job, connect with decision makers to make a sale, or build your business’ presence, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can produce some excellent results. Below are a few easy...

  • Advertising in America: The 5 Screens of Marketing

    A Short History of Advertising in America This story is as American as apple pie, Betsy Ross and baseball. Way before “Mad Men,” was a thing, there was humble Benjamin Franklin. Known for publishing essays and books about physics, politics and electricity...

  • Employee Spotlight & New Studio Update

    Employee spotlight – Brent Stromberg Brent is our Web Manager and he is one of the brightest, hardest working people I have ever met. He came to Uptown Studios in July of 2012 and has grown his experience and professionalism by leaps and bounds. He...

  • An Early Career Story for Women’s History Month

    As a successful woman in business I wanted to share a little story about my early career here in Sacramento for Women’s History Month. In 1968 I was the first female postal carrier at Sacramento’s Metro Station. That Post Office is now closed, but in...

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