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  • Reasons that you may want to hide your IP while surfing

    The World Wide Web is booming with the latest trend of sharing and showcasing. We have made life convenient and convenience so handy. Each one has a convenience to peek in the data of others. On the internet, we have a portal for every second thing....

  • Top internet security of the year 2015

    With all the troubles viruses and spamwares online are creating for users, and coupled with the fact that hackers are all around the internet too, then protecting yourself has become quite a big issue and is something that you should always be considering...

  • How to quickly build up a website for yourself

    A website is more than a simple page online. It happens to be your online ID.  It is also your base for operations when you do transactions, or posting important details about your business and even product promotions. How it appears to the people will...

  • 5 ways to build your own social network

    These days it would seem that social networks have a lot of bearing for each and every person. Facebook has become the face of social networking and they have made things so easy to be communicating with people, friends, and just about anybody. This...

  • How to Effectively Protect Our Privacy Online

    Internet Privacy is among the hottest topic of conversation since last year. Even though websites have become much secure, hackers on the other hand have become equally smart. In the year 2005 nearly 1.6 million incidents of identity thefts were reported...

  • Tips on how to safely use explorer surfing the internet

    Internet Explorer is amongst the securest browsers available today. But if you want tips on increasing safety of explorer especially while surfing internet then read further. This browser is quiet safe as it comes with default safety features like location...

  • The era of the “Internet of Things”

    With the advent of technology and latest developments many new phenomena and terms have been coined for different concepts and principles prevailing in the technological world. This being the era of computers, laptops and related technologies hence a...

  • What is the best antivirus 2014

    Websites like www and carry out a number of tests on available anti-virus software to know their reliabil ity and actual performance. These testing websites carryout very useful tests...

  • 7 Cool Technologies in TV Series “The flash”

    The TV series ”The Flash” is based upon DC Comics character Flash. Barry Allen is with super human speeds and powers to work as costumed crime fighter. He witnesses his father’s illegal conviction and mother’s wrongful murder by a mysterious yellow....

  • 6 Highlights of New Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

    Introduction of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite New Mac OS X Yosemite was released on October 16, 2014. It is the latest version of Mac Operating system developed by Apple. It has many new features. The overall user experience has improved with interface depths...

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