2018-07-04 America.  Land of the free–the ruggedly, independent, “don’t tread on me” free. Our heritage includes innovation, expansion, settlement, and just a little more of that independent spirit. We didn’t like taxation without representation, so we broke free of those chains.  A couple of centuries later, some Americans didn’t like where the educational system was going, so a new form of education (which is really a revival of an old form) emerged. Homeschooling. Fast forward a decade or so and something else happened. Music artists didn’t like being controlled by record labels. So, with the age of digital electronics, they were able to break free–independently produce their own music. The American spirit soared. Then a decade or so after that, something else changed.  Authors got tired of feeling blocked by “gatekeepers” who decided should or shouldn’t be allowed into that exclusive club known as “publishing.” Vanity presses have been around for ages, but with the rise of eBooks, these pioneers said, “No. We can do this like the music industry did.” And so it happened. Dozens then hundreds–thousands of indie authors exploded on the scene, providing readers with a true myriad of literary options. Continue reading Celebrating These 21 Indie Books for Independence Day at Chautona.com