2018-07-06 She wore saris and flip-flops. Even in twenty-degree weather, she’d push the cleaning cart from room to room at the motel wearing those flimsy saris and flip-flops. She took special care with each room—as did her husband.  It was their motel, and we lived there. You see, we’d come to California on vacation and hadn’t gone home. Dad lost his job while here, so he got another one. Here. This time, not delivering sailboats all over the country. He’d gone back into heating and air conditioning—two very important things when you live in the desert. Those saris, though. I don’t know what other colors she wore. I only remember orange. And to my fifteen-year-old mind, they were the most elegant, exotic thing ever. Note:  Links may be affiliates that provide me with a small commission at no extra expense to you. Saris are one of my favorite things about Discovering Hope. I hadn’t meant for them to be such a big part of the story, but the romance of the exotic gripped me as I wrote, and the next thing I knew, they’d gone from something Jay’s mother wore when he was little to something that forged a deep, romantic and emotional connection between Jay and Hope. Continue reading My 5 Favorite Things about Discovering Hope at Chautona.com