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  • What about Minding the Light Did I Love & Hate

    The balmy night air blew hair about my face as I made a long loop up the short block in front of the Lighthouse. A young man smoking a cigarette approached, crossing the street as he did. So, I did what anyone would do. I greeted him. “Nice night.”...

  • My 5 Favorite Things about Discovering Hope

    She wore saris and flip-flops. Even in twenty-degree weather, she’d push the cleaning cart from room to room at the motel wearing those flimsy saris and flip-flops. She took special care with each room—as did her husband.  It was their motel, and we...

  • What Did I Find Endearing about Enduring Love?

    “Is there an author you can suggest who has really grown in his or her craft? I’d like to see if I can see the progression.” It was an unexpected question, but a good one.  And I had an answer—blurted it out before I realized I did.  “Toni Shiloh.”...

  • Celebrating These 21 Indie Books for Independence Day

    America.  Land of the free–the ruggedly, independent, “don’t tread on me” free. Our heritage includes innovation, expansion, settlement, and just a little more of that independent spirit. We didn’t like taxation without representation, so we broke free...

  • I Survived a Weekend of Contemporary Worship & Loved It

    “Hey! How’s the conference going for you?” She’s a beautiful woman who just radiates the love of Jesus as she plays her hammered dulcimer, sings, or just sits and smiles up at you. I sat down. I had a confession to make—one I thought she should hear...

  • What Do You Do When You Think Your Marriage Was a Mistake?

    She sang in the choir, taught Sunday school, ran the church office, and directed every pageant and VBS the church had produced during her years as the pastor’s wife. Not once did I ever hear a harsh word come from her lips. Never did she look weary or...

  • So Why Is Everyone in Love with Just Let Go?

    As my finger slid along the trackpad, inching the cursor away from the link on the Facebook page, a message popped up. “Why do we judge books by their covers when most authors don’t design their own cover art, anyway?” Guilt slammed into me and knocked...

  • What Awesome Book Did I Drown My Literary Sorrows In?

    The book wouldn’t leave me. I’d finished reading, despite not wanting to, wrote the review, also despite not wanting to, and moved on. Except I couldn’t. The book haunted my thoughts. A friend said, “What you need is another book. I just finished a...

  • The Secret Confessions of a Disappointed Reader

    “So… you write Christian fiction. I didn’t know that was a thing. Is there a market for that?” I tried not to laugh. No, really. I did. I mean, is there a Christian fiction readership? Thankfully, the gal didn’t notice that I’d choked back a laugh...

  • So, Did The Captured Bride Steal My Heart?

    “Can I order a burger?” I nodded and waved my daughter off. She stopped and stared. “You didn’t say, ‘May I.’ What are you reading?” “A new book by one of new my favorite authors.” Well, that’s what I meant to say. I think I interjected a few words...



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