2018-06-30 She sang in the choir, taught Sunday school, ran the church office, and directed every pageant and VBS the church had produced during her years as the pastor’s wife. Not once did I ever hear a harsh word come from her lips. Never did she look weary or wounded. And even as a teenager, I knew she had to be. I heard the whispers—the complaints that this year’s Easter cantata didn’t have the same punch without her solo. She had laryngitis. How dare she. When the publisher of the Sunday school materials went out of business, you’d have thought the fault lay solely on her shoulders. And when she forgot her husband’s birthday because she’d been run to the ground with all the expectations, the pitying comments began about how after forty years of marriage, one loses the spark. At not even fourteen, I wondered if she ever regretted marrying a preacher. And when my daughter said she wasn’t interested in a guy because she didn’t want to be a pastor’s wife, I understood and supported her. I defended her decision to people who hinted that she might not be yielding to the Lord’s will for her. Continue reading What Do You Do When You Think Your Marriage Was a Mistake? at Chautona.com