2018-06-10 “Can I order a burger?” I nodded and waved my daughter off. She stopped and stared. “You didn’t say, ‘May I.’ What are you reading?” “A new book by one of new my favorite authors.” Well, that’s what I meant to say. I think I interjected a few words from the storyline in there, too. Speaking and reading together don’t usually work. “Is it good?” That snapped me out of it. I blinked up at her. “Um… I don’t know.” She stared gap-jawed before turning to go order that burger. At least, I think it was a burger… Note: links may be affiliate links that provide me with a small commission but costs you nothing extra. So, Did The Captured Bride Steal My Heart? No. I didn’t love it. But it did capture my interest, my imagination, and my attention. In fact, only knowing that I would be unable to function the next day forced me into bed at about the midpoint. When I asked for a review copy of The Captured Bride from Celebrate Lit, I knew I’d like it. Continue reading So, Did The Captured Bride Steal My Heart? at Chautona.com