2018-07-02 “Hey! How’s the conference going for you?” She’s a beautiful woman who just radiates the love of Jesus as she plays her hammered dulcimer, sings, or just sits and smiles up at you. I sat down. I had a confession to make—one I thought she should hear. It might help if you knew a bit about my take on the whole contemporary worship thing. Context and all that. First, I hate the way the church has relegated “worship” to the singing portion of our fellowship together and our time with the Lord. You see, I’m old school. Not even 48, and I’m old. And old-school. Corporate worship is just that. Worship of our Lord anytime we’re all together. Prayers, singing, Scripture reading, lessons, baptisms, the Lord’s supper—it’s all worship in my book. So when people say, “Let’s gather for worship,” my brain automatically connects all those dots and expects a multi-faceted experience. I’m disappointed when, after singing a few songs, we’re done. Second, I’m a bad Christian. I can’t stand 95% of Christian music. And, because of that, I tend to expect two things when I hear “contemporary worship music.” Either, “7/11 Songs” (where seven words are sung eleven times) or “God is my boyfriend” songs (where the words are indiscernible from a breathy lounge act where some gal is singing about her lover). Continue reading I Survived a Weekend of Contemporary Worship & Loved It at Chautona.com