2018-06-30 As my finger slid along the trackpad, inching the cursor away from the link on the Facebook page, a message popped up. “Why do we judge books by their covers when most authors don’t design their own cover art, anyway?” Guilt slammed into me and knocked me flat on my rump. You’d think with all the padding I have that it wouldn’t hurt. You’d think wrong. I shot back a comment about my .02 on authors being given veto power and teaching them how to use that. “I get why they don’t want authors creating their own covers. Most have no design sense and get too ‘on the nose’ with their cover art.” “But when the designer doesn’t even get the hair color close… this gal was blonde! Why do they have a raven-haired beauty on the front?” “If the story’s good, don’t blame the author for what she often can’t—or doesn’t know she can—control. Pretend that is an old picture before she got past her Goth phase.” A giggle followed. I thought I’d diffused the angst until she pulled out the big guns. “It’s like that book you ranted about a few years ago—the one that took place in Denver in February and had green, leafy trees with a girl in a sundress on the front.” That was it. Continue reading So Why Is Everyone in Love with Just Let Go? at Chautona.com