2018-06-11 “So… you write Christian fiction. I didn’t know that was a thing. Is there a market for that?” I tried not to laugh. No, really. I did. I mean, is there a Christian fiction readership? Thankfully, the gal didn’t notice that I’d choked back a laugh that morphed into what was probably a maniacal grin. “Um… yeah. A big one.” It was her turn to grin. “I take it you’re rather successful.” What do you say about that? To Bill Gates? Not hardly. But many authors would love to be where I am right now. I went with the obnoxious, “I can’t complain.” For the record, I felt pompous and condescending. “Christian fiction…” You could see wheels churning. “So where do you find out what books are good? Are they on Goodreads or…?” This time, I didn’t bother trying not to laugh. She wouldn’t be offended. “Um, yeah. But really, if you want good advice, check out Avid Readers of Christian Fiction on Facebook. They’re even doing cool giveaways right now in honor of hitting over 10K members.” “Ten thousand people reading Christian fiction?” I just nodded. Continue reading The Secret Confessions of a Disappointed Reader at Chautona.com