2018-07-06 The balmy night air blew hair about my face as I made a long loop up the short block in front of the Lighthouse. A young man smoking a cigarette approached, crossing the street as he did. So, I did what anyone would do. I greeted him. “Nice night.” “It is now—just got off work.” We laughed, and I admit it. I tried not to choke on the puff of cigarette smoke the wind tried to force down my lungs. He nodded at my Kindle. “Reading?” “Yep.” “The Bible?” It’s a valid question. After all, I was pacing in front of the town’s prayer house. I shook my head. “Novel.” “I just bought The Outsider. My friend said it’s good. What’s yours?” He’d be disappointed. “Minding the Light. It’s historical fiction about the Quakers on Nantucket Island.” I’ve got to give him credit. He turned and looked right at me. “Historical like… whaling ships and stuff?” I nodded. “Yep.” “I hated Moby Dick.” My laughter caught him off guard until I said, “I knew you’d be disappointed, but it’s actually good.” Truth be told, I thought he’d take off, but he took another drag of his cigarette, stared at me for a moment, and asked, “Tell me something you like about it.” Since that was going to be half the point of my review, I already had an answer for it. Continue reading What about Minding the Light Did I Love & Hate at Chautona.com