2018-07-05 “Is there an author you can suggest who has really grown in his or her craft? I’d like to see if I can see the progression.” It was an unexpected question, but a good one.  And I had an answer—blurted it out before I realized I did.  “Toni Shiloh.” “Okay, so how has she grown?” I remembered the first book—the fabulous premise, the likable characters, the “feel-like-I-could-go-there” setting.  I also remembered the things I hadn’t liked.  And I tried to explain. You see, it wasn’t that the first book was a bad book. It wasn’t.  If it had been, I wouldn’t likely have read the second.  But Toni is a good example of someone who has, over the course of this series, really grown.  Info dumps, “telling” rather than showing us the story, and similar things have given way to solid writing. And I was proud to recommend it.  “Look, the first book is interesting and fun.  The second is richer and holds more promise.  The final book, however… she really took it up a couple of notches.” Apparently, I talked it up a bit much or something, because the writer said, “So sum up the last one in one word.” While my brain scrambled to find a word to show tackling a tough topic well, the word “Endearing,” jumped out and landed on the table between us.” “Okay… how? Continue reading What Did I Find Endearing about Enduring Love? at Chautona.com