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  • How To Cure Wrist Pain: 4 Effective Yoga Poses To Help Strengthen Your Wrists And Elbows

    Every day, without realizing it, we are using our wrists. In fact, you wouldn’t even be reading this article right now if you hadn’t used your wrists to access it online! Take a moment to breathe and appreciate all that your wrists do for you to support...

  • Think, Sit, And Be Fit: How Office Yoga Can Help Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle

    How often during a normal workday do you get up and move? Do you spend most of the day tied to your desk, your chair, your cubicle? This is increasingly common in today’s society as more and more of us are spending our days in the office, and our bodies...

  • The Chi’s Yoga App is Here

    I’m an Upholder. What does that mean? Have you noticed that the simple things that promote well-being are super easy to do? Like going for a 10-min walk, having a green salad every day or practicing yoga for 5 minutes a day? But have you noticed too...

  • Wake Up Your Sleepy Feet: 4 Awesome Yoga Poses for Your Ankles and Feet

    We often treat our feet so poorly. We wander barefoot, we stay on them for ten hours a day without a break, we run on them and jump on them. They support us as we work to support our families and pursue life’s joys. The average adult takes between 8...

  • How To Breathe Correctly

    Last Wednesday a new yoga student asked me what exactly it means to breathe into a particular body part. His seemingly simple question deals with the very essence of yoga. As you can imagine it’s hard to explain this in just a few sentences. Yoga is...

  • Find What Feels Good: 3 Great Yoga Exercises to Help Strengthen Your Pelvis

    Oftentimes I begin my classes by lying on the back. This supine position helps us get in contact with our bodies and relax the muscles. By the time we connect with the breath, we become more aware of tensile stress in our bodies and learn how to let...

  • Better This Than Surgery: 2 Easy Yoga Exercises To Help Loosen Up Your Shoulders

    Do you have chronic pain and stiffness in your shoulders? Wouldn’t you want to loosen it right up and relieve the pain? If yes, you are not alone. Most of us have experienced neck or shoulder pain at one point or another. Many of us have discomfort...

  • Condition Your Body With Chi

    Season’s Greetings. Yes, it is official. We are in December now and have entered the festive period. You are probably busy ending the year on a good note. Perhaps you are planning a move, getting ready for a new job opportunity, maybe you are pregnant...

  • Heading to Your First Yoga Class? 12 Things To Know Before You Go

    Yoga can seem intimidating, especially in today’s modern world. Thin women contort themselves into pretzel-like shapes and handstands on social media, and yoga seems to be all about expensive leggings and mats. I promise: it’s not. Going to your first...

  • Release the Pressures of the Day: How Yoga Helps You Find Your Inner Chi (1)

    Let’s face it. Most of you want to destress. Your days are so busy that after your yoga class you simply want to feel good. Have you had a hard week? A frustrating phone call? Do you need a moment to reset and get your relaxing back? We all face stress...

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