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  • Android Top Launchers

     Android: Android is now become highly used platform in the world. There are tons of users adding up in this list with every day passes. One of its main reason of its popularity is play store.  It provides millions of apps free of cost with great  features...

  • High-Resolution Stock Photos – Amazing Websites to Download It Free

    Beautify of a website depends on  high-resolution photos.Eye-catching images attract more audience.Sometimes a single pic tells everything that what’s inside it that’s why professional bloggers recommend beginners to add photos, snapshots, and infographics...

  • Make phone super fast and increase battery life

    Your phone get slow after installing to much applications. Even you have phone with big ram. Every phone has a limit to run specific number of application and when this limit exceeds your phone slow down start hanging. Not only hangs but also it drains...

  • How to use two clash of clans accounts on one phone

    Clash of clans is very addictive and most famous game of the smartphone. The game allow you to build your own village as you like also it allow you to create your own army to attacks the others. But the problem is we can only have one account on one...

  • How to use two whatsapp accounts on one phone

    Whatsapp is a most popular smartphone messenger now a days. It uses the the internet to send instant messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio media messages. What if we use two whatsapp accounts on one phone. Yes it is possible Also...

  • Use whatsapp on your computer

    Now you can use your whatsapp on your computer browser and you can upload pictures from computer.   Just follow these steps. 1– open this link in your computer browser ”“. 2-Now open whatsapp in your phone and and go into options-&#...

  • Turn Your Facebook Friends Into Facebook Fans

    Here in this article, we are going to discuss an interesting trick about how to convert your facebook profile int facebook fans page.   Also Read: How To Log Out Your Facebook Account On All Other Devices Facebook is one of the most popular social media...

  • Chrome Shortcuts You Should Know For A Better Experience Of Browsing

    GOOGLE CHROME is the most powerful browser for all platforms in an internet world.Chrome has 58% worldwide users as a desktop browser and 45% user as a smartphone browser. It is not a matter that you are using chrome for years or you shift from other...

  • How To Repeat Videos On YouTube

    Listing Songs, watch a technology video, funny moments,movies or a live stream to watch everything every one step to YouTube.YouTube provides Quality stuff for users with many formats.Sometime a person wants to watch a... The post How To Repeat Videos...

  • 25+ Creative And Funny 404 Error Pages

    404 Error Page is as important as you have a good website.Error page can be a fun if u have a creative mind.Here are some outputs of creative minds. The Error 404 “Page not found”... The post 25+ Creative And Funny 404 Error Pages appeared first on...




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