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  • Luong Van Can Street

    Luong Van Can Street Every street in Hanoi either has the old name of the merchandise in the royal capital or the name of a prominent figure. Luong Van Can Street was named after a historic figure. Luong Van Can whose home town was at Nhi Khe village...

  • Ma Vi Street

    Ma Vi Street Ma Vi Street is one of the exceptions in the Old Quarter that does not contain the word of “Hang” in its name. “Hang” means the street merchandises. Each street has its own merchandise thus having different names respectively. Ma Vi Street...

  • Ngo Gach Street

    Ngo Gach Street Ngo Gach Street once upon a time was a part of the river flowing through the heart of the Royal Citadel. Later, urban planners covered up the water trench to make a road which is now Ngo Gach. The name derives from the trade of the road...

  • Ngo Tram

    Ngo Tram Ngo Tram is a 228-meter street from Duong ThanhStreet to Phung Hung Street belonging to Cua Dong ward, HoanKiem District, Hanoi City. This originally was the estate of Yen Trung Ha commune, Tien Nghiem ward, Tho Xuong District which was merged...

  • Nguyen Huu Huan Street

    Nguyen Huu Huan Street Nguyen Huu Huan Street has been through quite many names before settled at the name of Nguyen HuuHuan Street. Under the French colonization, the street got the name of General Petain. Later it was changed into BacNinhStreet after...

  • Nguyen Thien Thuat Street

    Nguyen Thien Thuat Street Nguyen Thien Thuat is 216 meters in length bridging the street of Hang Khoai to the street of Hang Chieu behind the market of Dong Xuan-Bac Qua. In the past, the road belonged to the hamlet of Tien Trung, Hau Tuc ward, Tho...

  • Nguyen Sieu Street

    Nguyen Sieu Street The street was named after Nguyen Van Sieu- a genius in the time of Confucianism tradition. He was recognized as a talented scholar in his field of literature, history and general humanities. The street is 180 meters long. It used...

  • Nha Hoa Street

    Nha Hoa Street Nha Hoa means the house of fire in Vietnamese. Its name evolved from the one and only shrine of fire god in Vietnam located in this street. The street runs for 128m from the intersection of Hang Ga, Hang Dieu, Hang Phen, Cua Dong Street...

  • Pho Co

    Pho Co Hàng Gà Hang Ga Street stretches for about 228m, belongs to Hang Bo Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Streets are oriented north-south, connecting Hang Cot with Hang Dieu Street. Hang Ga Street was built on the old ground of Tan Khai-Tan Lap...

  • Ta Hien Street

    Ta Hien Street If you have ever heard about “bia hoi” – the famous alcohol product in Hanoi, Ta Hien Street is no longer a strange name. Among the heart of the city full of heat and humidity, you can visualize cups of beer which are so pretty cool that...

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