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  • Club Penguin Style Catalog October 2014 Cheats/Hidden Items

    Along with the spooky party this month we get a new catalog. This month the theme is Halloween. Earn those coins and be ready for when the trick-or-treating comes around to the Club Penguin island. To find the Black Studded Shoes click on the girl penguins...

  • Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #467

    The skate party is now over and out but it's time for a new celebration. We'll be having one main party this month and another mini party (mini but important). Click 'breaking ground' to read more. I put the rest of the text below. Enjoy. Guess which...

  • Club Penguin School and Skate Party September 2014 Cheats

    Hey everyone! The School and Skate Party is here and people are partying it up on the island! There's an awesome new room that will stay on the Club Penguin island permanently. Rookie made a huge mess around the school and it's up to YOU to clean it...

  • Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #465

    We start off with something a student reporter wrote. He complains about Rookie and his mistakes. Everyone seems to be having so much fun this month of September. Apparently, Rookie left some chemistry sets in the gym. How dangerous! Have you checked...

  • Club Penguin Lemon Pin Found

    I have found the one of the two pins for this month of September and it is the lemon pin! You can find this pin on Ski Hill. I don't know what this pin has to do with the party this month but....yeah idk. Thanks for reading! Club Penguin Hints; come...

  • Minecraft: Elemental Witches Mod - Slay The Witches

    I'm here to slay the powerful elemental witches in Minecraft! Witches have taken over the Minecraft world and only I have the power to stop them. Join me as I take on this scary adventure. Thanks for reading! Club Penguin Hints; come back for more Club...

  • Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #464

    September is here! Can you hear those bells ringing? Those are school bells! You don't like school? Well, Club Penguin is here to make school enjoyable on the Club Penguin island. Want to read more of what Rookie has to say? Of course you don't! Just...

  • Club Penguin Furniture and Igloo Catalog September 2014

    There's a new furniture catalog out for September 2014! This months theme is a school theme. Decorate your home into a school! I know you want me to reveal the secret items in this months catalog and I will do that. Unfortunately, there's only one hidden...

  • Let's Play Minecraft 1.8: Episode #1 - Worst Start Ever!

    My first video of a Let's Play series revolving around Minecraft! By the way, I have created a new channel separate from my Club Penguin youtube channel. If you like Minecraft then subscribe to my new channel. I have just updated to Minecraft 1.8 so...

  • Unlock Sparkly Blue Hat with Special Code September 2014

    Club Penguin has announced that Club Penguin spanish servers have reached their 5th year since the servers have opened. Our friend Tato Maxx (you may know him he's a bit famous) has revealed a new code for us! It unlocks a blue sparkly hat with the...

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