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  • Couple Cracks The Compatibility Code, Discovers That Love Is Not Enough For Lasting Marriage

    NEW YORK—FEB. 14, 2009 Most divorcees will tell you that their marriages began with powerful emotional and physical bonds. They really loved their spouses and wanted to be together forever. But the stunning fact is that more than 50% of the time, that...

  • Hot Off the Press: “The Master Mind Group”

    New Book, May 2009 The Power of Mentorship—The Master Mind Group Contact: Elizabeth George—Author Phone: 1-866-960-1415 In this edition of The Power of Mentorship-Master Mind Group you will find a compilation of wisdom covering the topics of success...

  • Living in a Glass House

    As a pastor, do you feel like you lead a see-through life, almost like living in a glass house or a fishbowl? Your marriage, in particular, is under scrutiny, but you’re so busy helping your congregation that your own marital relationship may experience...

  • Not Happily Ever After

    In a counseling session one day a single mother named Ruth, who had been through a difficult divorce, sat looking down into her lap, her face a picture of defeat. Quietly she asked, “How will I ever know if I’m ready to date again? When I said my marriage...

  • Did you get the green light after last night’s date?

    We like to experience events and places that are tantalizing but not totally fatal. Take the recent tourism increase in interest in touring the Chernobyl site. A recent Active Travel article on states, “The opportunity to face these fears on...

  • The Black Side of Valentine’s Day Or “Where were my roses?”

    One way or another, we all experienced Valentine’s Day. Was yours a day of love and romance? Did someone whisper in your ear, “I love you!” or “Be mine!”  For many of us though, it ranged from a let down to an absolute depression that there was no one...

  • 50 Ways to Keep Your Lover: Turn Up The Heat and Add Some Sizzle

    “How do I love thee, let me count the ways” may possibly be one of the most famous beginnings to a love poem. And, Elizabeth Barret Browning certainly captured everlasting heartfelt love on paper. But here let’s get more practical. Research has verified...

  • 365 days of Valentines – The Secret to Keeping Romance Alive

    Valentines Day certainly arrives with a lot of emotional expectation! I remember the excitement in first grade about our class party and getting little candies and hearts from everybody. Not too many grades later hoping that the candy from that really...

  • In Love: The Elizabeth Taylor Syndrome

    How many times have you been in love? And has it cost you grief? Of course you know of two-time Oscar winning actress Elizabeth Taylor: National Velvet, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Butterfield 8, Cleopatra, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Despite her...

  • Why Does Infatuation Get Such A Bad Rap?

    Infatuation is a little like money. Money represents value, a necessary resource in our society. Whether it is good or bad depends not on the money, but on how the money is used. In the hands of a terrorist it yields mayhem, destruction and death. But...

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