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  • Can a NEW creditor pick up an account AFTER it was taken off

    I had a few overdue accounts on my credit report from when I was younger. This one account hit the 7 years and dropped off my credit report, that same day a new and different creditor picked it up and put it BACK on my credit report. Is this possible...

  • CBNA on our credit report

    applying for construction loan and 2 amounts appear on credit report. the first one is our home we live in right now second one we have no clue. We think that amount was from our previous home of 1.5 years ago. It shows status of name of creditor as...

  • Mortgage account closed

    Quick background. I co signed a house for my cousin. He stopped making payments. Filed for bankruptcy and now he got a modification on the mortgage. The account on my experian credit report says transferred,closed and it has a $0 balance. Is there a...

  • Imperfect credit rating for home loans

    So you have an imperfect credit rating. Apparently, you’re not alone. Many people today are struggling with their personal credit for different reasons. The dwindling economy is definitely a huge factor that contributed to the increase in the number...


    I filed bankruptcy was discharged. Looked at my credit report and had creditors that were not reporting it as included in bankruptcy. I disputed those accounts as included in bk chapter 7. Some of those accounts were changed to included in bk others...

  • Inquires

    I have tons of inquires on my credit report, something like fifty. Some from myself and other from god knows where. I'm guessing they belong to my son using me as a cosigner when he couldn't get credit on his own, which he denies still to this day. What...

  • Too Late to submit a Pay for Deletion Letter???

    Hello everyone, Here is my situation. I have 3 charged off accounts. With my wife starting her new job soon, we were sitting down trying to figure out how to get our debt paid off when we hit with a lawsuit from one of the creditors of a charged off...

  • disability an credit card

    im on disability an owe 2,000 on a credit card cant pay on it any more an now the said they were gonna sue me to get a lawyer can they take my money or freeze my bank thats all the money i get

  • can my ssd be garnished

    I have just received notice that I owe a credit card bill they say they can garnish my ssd,can they.

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