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  • Iron Bull Edge

    True ED involves inability to raise an erection notwithstanding prolonged, lively masturbation. If older men can nevertheless get difficult solo, they do not have ED. they have got ordinary (demanding, perhaps infuriating) erection modifications. Iron...

  • Shall we give it another go?

    Shall we try this again? Owner inactive, head admin resigned. Can't get worse can it? First thing's first I believe I owe an apology to @Jonbar101. I am sorry if I was a jerk to you. I was salty because semmeess used the spawn that I had worked on with...


    These get hold of conceivably a great overlay: truly with considerable. Tremendous could truly be when a hefty portion of these emulsions Blizzard White get cell reinforcements. For example, natural sunshine take you the skin we have outlines return...

  • Announcing my resignation

    Im letting all of you guys know that I am now resigning; due to lots of work from school and the fact that DC is literally dead, I will no longer play a part in the DC staff time. PS- Hmu if you want to buy my MC accts



  • why i banned? for no reason people think i hack

    I played just as almost always dc and suddenly, people thought I was hacking and they side against me XxGodzComboPvPXx Is a hacker I kite still do ss but then it was too late and I was banned for basically no one reason and hopefully July may help me...

  • Unban

    So... I was playing normaly and got an msg from Humpinq ''Give me an alt account or i ban and ddos you'' I said ''ban me then...'' Then he banned me for not giving him an alt account.. So you guys gotta unban me. Cuz i was Hero. Or ill do an chargeback...

  • elleberggren for chatmod (DETAILED!]

    Hello. My real name is Elian but you will know me as elleberggren [My Ign] i live in sweden and i will apply to ChatModerator. Im 13 years old i will get 14 soon. i have played on DC since 2012 and i know all about it.I want to be a part of the staff...

  • I apply for CM

    I am 14 soon 15 in some weeks. I am a old player so i know really much about the server and i was CM so I know the most if the server. If some of u guys want to contact me my skype is crowziitehblowz. My Real name is Oskar and my IGN is Woollyy. I age...

  • More Detail for ChatMod.

    .Contact me at skype: elle.berggreenn .My Real Name is Elian .My Ingame name is elleberggren. .Im 13 years old for now but soon i will get 14 ;D .Im currently living in Sweden. . I have played on DC since 2012 or 2013 so like 3-4 years . I want...




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