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  • New Site

    My vote is for a new site, and the old one to be "archived". Not deleted, but not updated either. Some content is WAY out of date and could use an overhaul. Some are great for nostalgic reasons. Some will always be useful. I agree, though, that updating...

  • The Next Iteration

    I agree with the suggestion below that said we should just keep the old site intact to allow the users to access the current materials in a way and in an arrangement that is already familiar to them. Doing that also frees us from having to spend time...

  • I keep visiting looking for ideas

    Therefore I don't want to see this resource and community disappear. An ADD pastor in search of structure....but enjoying a certain level of chaos!

  • My 2 Cents

    I don't come here nearly as often as I did, but I would miss the site a lot if it was gone. I could live without the old forum posts, if the community was active enough to form a new base of knowledge. Like others, I love the Dynamic Templates (amazingly...

  • Pocketmod bullet journal?

    You know, the Pocketmod site is also going through a redesign. When it comes out the other end (currently in beta, but I'm liking it), you could possibly hack that to make a pocketmod Bujo. ;-) Somewhere here, long ago, I made a tutorial on how to print...

  • how about a subreddit?

    Crazy idea if we're talking about WordPress - if we're going to consider a different platform why not create a subreddit for further discussions and flip this site to read-only so it's still available for reference? -Kenny

  • I was just thinking about a pocket bullet journal!

    Funny timing! I was just thinking about possibly doing a pocket bullet journal. Nice to see people still caring about the site, even though it's in not great shape right now. While I'm not expecting any super easy way to bring all this great content...

  • New site

    Keep as much as you can! Interesting to see how discussions in tha Interwebs have evolved since I posted much on this site (2006?). There's some lively conversation, civility, and helpfulness here that's often missing elsewhere (or maybe I just hang...

  • How about both

    I have tended to bounce between sizes, one that is easy to carry, another that is easier to print, it is an interesting dilemma. If I were you I would duplicate all my forms in both sizes, create two planers, then see which one I end up reaching for...

  • Keep old and new sites

    Great idea, two sites. I too visit when I need information, or just check in. Tee Too much of everything [I love] is just enough. ~Calvin & Hobbes

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