2017-10-13 Come on over escape players and try this new game for fun! Escape Room Lansing is an exciting point and click state escape game developed by Selfdefiant, and published by Hooda Math for your overall dose of fun and escape adventure. This state has everything now, as you landed and saw that Lansing, Michigan had already made a huge leap even from before you first came here. They now have a white house as well and it was great. Your cousin Joe had expected you today, and before you even know it, you both had already spent the entire day catching-up. But up to this very moment however, you thought you were in-trouble, for you are now lost and Joe is nowhere to be found! Oh gosh, my phone is currently discharged so, it is all up to you in-order to find him and or to leave this state and contact him on the nearest phone somewhere. Escape players, what would you do on a situation like this? Good luck then and don’t forget to have loads of fun as well. The post Escape Room Lansing appeared first on Escape Fox.