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  • What’s next for Ohaiyo after Fnatic?

    The Dota 2 community is still feeling the aftershocks from Fnatic’s announcement last Saturday. The Malaysian squad’s last native player, Chong Xin “Ohaiyo” Khoo, was replaced by former Evil Geniuses offlaner Saahil “Universe” Arora. It only got spicier...

  • Anykey Affiliate Interview: DeafGamersTV

    As part of an ongoing series with AnyKey, I had the opportunity to chat with Chris “Phoenix” Robinson, the mastermind behind DeafGamersTV. Chris is an advocate for gaming accessibility, as well as an affiliate of AnyKey. This interview has been edited...

  • League of Legends Roster Changes: Spring Split 2018

    League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in the world. Fittingly, their esports scene also boasts the highest number of viewers. The 2017 World Championship brought in over two million viewers at once, which didn’t even include Chinese...

  • The Five Worst Cards from Kobolds and Catacombs

    Kobolds and Catacombs brought us a lot of really strong cards when it was released last year. Some would even argue that the expansion, which included 135 new cards, was too strong. However, there aren’t a lot of incredibly under-powered cards in the...

  • VR Provides an Immersive Dota 2 Experience

    With the world of esports continually growing and expanding, Valve has stepped up their game and introduced new ways for players and fans to experience Dota 2. In July 2017, they released the Dota 2 VR Hub. This new addition allows you to watch games...

  • Does the New League of Legends Honor System Work Better?

    The honor system in League of Legends, which was first introduced in 2012 and developed since, attempts to offer a solution to one of the most commonly discussed problems the game has ever faced. More than balancing champions, or the metrics used to...

  • Sextanting Your Atlas in Path of Exile

    In our last two Path of Exile articles we talked about the Atlas in general, and how to shape it. In this article we talk about the most confusing – and potentially most important – part of the Atlas: Sextants. Sextants are an entirely optional part...

  • The Ugliest Dota 2 Cosmetics Ever Made

    Since Valve relies on Dota 2’s microtransactions to make money off of the free-to-play game, you’d think the cosmetics would all be beautifully rendered, lore-enhancing masterpieces. This isn’t always the case. Someone pointed out that Morphling wearing...

  • Hearthstone: Cubelock Deck Guide

    Cubelock is the newest variant of Warlock, and it revolves around two new cards, one of which the deck gets its name from. Carnivorous Cube has a lot of potential, but it’s incredibly powerful when it’s consuming a massive Demon that creates more Demons...

  • Overwatch League Team Profile: San Francisco Shock

    Last week, we looked at how Dallas Fuel will be shaking up the first season of the official Overwatch League in 2018. Now, we’re going to be taking a sneak peek at another one of the teams competing in the first season of Blizzard’s ambitious esports...

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