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  • The Plight of the Modern Gamer

    It’s winter now, but memories of a hot summer day come back to me. I sit in my room, playing games with some buddies. The thermostat on my wall reads 30 degrees. (That’s 86 degrees Fahrenheit.) I look at the fan behind me. It’s turned off. I stare at...

  • The Best AFK Builds in Path of Exile

    We know how weird that sounds. AFK builds? What are they, bots? No, but in Path of Exile, you can set yourself up to become virtually invincible with the right items/stats/skills. Some of these builds also deal damage back to the person hitting them...

  • Kobolds and Catacombs: What Is Dungeon Run?

    Dungeon Run is a new single player Hearthstone mode set to release as part of the upcoming expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs. Some lucky players at Blizzcon were able to play a slightly edited version of it. Similar to the Lich King battles from last...

  • League of Legends Guide: Hitting and Dodging Skillshots

    Skillshots are an integral part of League of Legends. Even if you don’t play skillshot-based champions, you still need to know the tricks to landing skillshots so you can use that knowledge to avoid them. A skillshot is any ability that casts a projectile...

  • Dota 2: Ten Things You Can Buy Instead of an Account

    With the advent of matchmaking seasons, bought accounts will be reset at the end of each season, making them slightly less valuable. But this 5K account just sold for $60USD on eBay, and there will likely always be a market for buying and selling high...

  • First Look at Hearthstone’s Kobolds and Catacombs Expansion

    It’s that time again. The next Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, will be launching in early December, and November is the official reveal month. Let’s start taking a look at the new cards, solo player content, and bonuses that Blizzard have...

  • Worlds 2017 Grand Finals Analysis: How Did Samsung 3-0 SKT?

    In a rematch of last year’s championship, SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy faced off in the Grand Finals at Worlds 2017. The series ended in a stunning upset, with Samsung taking a clean 3-0 victory against SKT. If you followed Worlds this year, you...

  • GGG Launches Official Path of Exile Trading Site

    Path of Exile’s trading system definitely isn’t perfect. Currently, players trade in-game items is through third-party sites. Grinding Gear Games (GGG), Path of Exile’s developer, was nice enough to open up their API to the public—this means sites like...

  • Staff Writer Spotlight: A Snapshot of Joseph Schmidt’s Life

    It all started at an arcade in Lake George, New York. I was too little to play the pinball machines, but my Mom would pick me up so I could see the flashing lights and pull the plunger. Once the ball started rolling, I was transfixed. It wasn’t until...

  • Why Blizzard Doesn’t Allow Trading in Hearthstone

    Have you ever wondered why we aren’t allowed to trade cards in Hearthstone? After all, I have Rexxar’s Death Knight that I don’t want, and you have Jaina’s. It would be pretty nice if we could just pass them back and forth and both be happy, right? Unfortunately...

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