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  • Dota 2 Player Profile: Cr1t

    Quick Stats: Full Name: Andreas Franck Nielsen Age: 21 Current Team and Position: Evil Geniuses, Support Country of Origin: Denmark Top 5 Best Hair on a Pro Player Twitter Account Twitch Channel Team Monkey Business [OG] and First Lan Wins Cr1t joined...

  • Is 2v2 Hearthstone a Possibility?

    Hearthstone has always been a game of one player against one player. There are a few small instances of player versus computer, and even smaller of cooperative players, but these are few and far between. In all other cases, the game is nothing more than...

  • Pride and Prejudice: Absent Women in Esports

    Writing about women in esports is a challenging task. Our industry is constantly growing, but the absence of women becomes more apparent with each passing milestone. We have record-breaking prize pools for tournaments, yet we only have a handful of women...

  • The Luckiest Hearthstone Combos

    When it comes to Hearthstone combos, luck usually plays a very small role. A combo in Hearthstone refers to playing a specific set of cards that lead to your opponent’s death. This means that a combo usually deals ~30 damage from you hand in a single...

  • The Best Hearthstone Pros of All-Time

    Since Hearthstone was officially released in March 2014, many players have stood out as exceptional. Between tournaments and streaming, certain players have become household names in Hearthstone. These days, there are dozens of professional Hearthstone...

  • Dota 2 as a Card Game: What Do We Want from Artifact?

    I wrote a short piece about Artifact taking on Hearthstone last month, and, unfortunately, we still don’t have any new information about the game. Valve has set up a Twitter account for Artifact, however, so it looks like they’re getting pretty serious...

  • PUBG’s Remarkable Reinvention of the Battle Royale Genre

    The Battle Royale genre isn’t new. The clearest inspiration is arguably the 2000 film “Battle Royale” about students trapped on an island who must fight to the death. But even then, the concept wasn’t exactly new. Games are no exception. We’ve had our...

  • The Format for Worlds 2017: 43 Days of League of Legends

    Worlds 2017 is almost here. The World Championship’s play-in stage begins in just eight days. Essentially, the play-in stage is a tournament before the the tournament–a last chance qualifier for 12 teams from 12 different regions to earn a slot at the...

  • Dota 2: What Is an In-House League?

    In-House Leagues for Dota aren’t anything new. They pop up around this time of year, after The International, when professional Dota grinds to a temporary halt. The best-known in-house leagues are probably the North American Elite League (NEL) and FACEIT...

  • The Four Golden Rules of Making an Esport

    These days, what game developer doesn’t want a piece of the esports pie? It’s probably the most lucrative foray that any company can make in the modern video game industry, and for quite a few reasons: dedicated fans, new content every day, self-driving...

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