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  • Turbulence, Tantrums & Poopy Pants

    My flight from hell happened in October of 2012. Everything went wrong on so many levels that we’ll just start from the top. It was an overcast day in Orange County as I prepared to disembark on a flight to Detroit (with a connection in Atlanta). I had...

  • Seat Assignment & Flight Schedule Snafus

    This story took place on March 30, 2018. We left our home at 5:30 am to catch Alaska Airlines Flight 2092 out of Redmond, Oregon to Portland. All seemed normal until we passed through security. I happened to check the flight schedule board and discovered...

  • Refused Boarding for Wrong Name

    Wanted to let everyone know about me getting ripped off for $1,000 by Virgin Atlantic airlines. I am a 73-year old college instructor who decided to visit Athens, Greece, for Spring Break. A friend asked if she could accompany me, so I booked a flight...

  • Backpacker’s Journey to Hell

    In my backpacking days I was travelling once on the final few legs of a couple of months exploring India, Nepal and Southeast Asia. I had grown accustomed to delays and setbacks, but this journey home was especially trying. We had been waiting in the...

  • The “Fixed” Plane

    So, last minute family trip – DCA to MSP on Delta. For those who don’t know, Washington National (DCA) isn’t exactly the largest airport, and that includes the runway. They started boarding, then stopped and deplaned the few people who had got on. The...

  • Sickened by Soiled Seat

    Travelling business class from Manila (MNL) to Narita (NRT) last Friday, a middle-aged man ambled onto the plane with a cane. His face looked very pained as he got into the seat next to me, which I put down to walking with a cane. As is quite normal...

  • No Response for Groping Complaint

    Just another sad story on how poorly large companies treat customers. This time it is an airline – AER LINGUS. ‪On Oct 5, 2017 I flew home after a great trip to Ireland. The flight was long and stressful after the guy behind me reached more than 2 feet...

  • Frequent Flyer Miles Fiasco

    Saving your frequent flyer miles for a special trip? Making financial commitments based on flights booked on miles? BEWARE!!! I am a million mile flyer on both United Airlines and American Airlines and also A-list on Southwest. I learned that an airline...

  • Prohibited from Sitting in Paid, Upgraded Seats

    Dear Flights From Hell. I read an article on your site regarding a passenger’s poor experience with Etihad Airways and felt it was important to fellow passengers that I share my own. I am a UK resident but travel to Dubai a minimum of six times per year...

  • Terrifying Turbulence Causes Passenger to Puke

    A few years ago I was flying from Toronto Pearson International (YYZ) to Cozumel International (CZM) on an Air Canada Airbus A320-200. Now, take note that I am an experienced flier, and even as a baby on a plane I barely cried. Now, as an adult, this...

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