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  • Best Multipurpose One Page Joomla Templates

    These days, the one-page website creates a huge buzz on the web. The reason behind not only it’s easy maintenance but, because of better structure, easier navigation, and excellent user experience and other great features make it in the limelight. I...

  • 10 Best Website Downloader for Developers

    Download entire websites to work offline or do research There are plenty of reasons to work offline with websites. Researchers, students, journalists, business people, marketers, and anyone who spends hours on the web can benefit from downloading entire...

  • 8 Best Rust IDE & Text Editors for Web Developers

    Rust is an open source systems programming language which has been sponsored by Mozilla. It runs fast, claims to be safer than many other programming languages, prevents segfaults, practical in coding and a thread safety guaranteeing language. Apparently...

  • 10 Best Multipurpose Joomla Templates for 2018

    Multipurpose Joomla templates are used to make the websites more responsive and to have a better user experience. This helps it to rank better in Google search and will eventually make the business grow more popular. These Multipurpose Joomla Templates...

  • 20+ Useful Material Design HTML5 and CSS3 Login Forms

    While opening any application, first thing users do is to login to your app or website. Which means it is the first thing users ever see while they enter to your application. And the first impression is always the most important. Then there is no point...

  • Styling Your Stylesheets

    CSS. Cascading Style Sheets. We know them, we use them, we – well, “love” might be a strong word, but we certainly use them. Whether you’re a Bootstrap evangelist, or a do-it-yourself purist, if you’ve ever designed a website, you’ve at some point had...

  • 30 Fresh Bootstrap Templates Free Download

    We have collected the 30 latest Bootstrap templates Free download, all this web templates particularly designed for corporate and business websites. Our collection templates marked a responsive design and numerous highly effective options. The collection...

  • Anti-spaming tool – reCaptcha

    Do you run an e-commerce website? Do you deal with a lot of incoming emails from unknown addresses, that are literally overwhelming your website? Then adding reCaptcha form is the right solution for you! CAPTCHA, which is short for Completely Automated...

  • 10 Best Illustrators of 2017

    The world of illustration never stays still for long. There’s always new talent arriving on the scene, disrupting the zeitgeist with innovative techniques and new perspectives. They may be young guns, fresh out of college, or older hands whose work...

  • Top 12 Angular 5 Release Features

    The most popular JavaScript framework has been introduced as Pentagonal Donut Angular JS v5. It is the major release with advanced new features, better coding, bug fixes & better support for Google material design framework. Google’s powerful JavaScript...

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