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  • Rock Website Template

    Website URL: I want to finish the website in Dreamweaver before I buy the domain, but it will be Website description: The website will be for my rock band, Backup Brothers. The main purpose of the website is that fans should be...

  • need website for online store for women enyterprenuers

    Website URL: Website description: its about online store on handicrafts item The Structure of my website: a header image of a online store above a navigation bar for 5 pages—Home, Shop, About Us, Contact, Forum.) My favorite...

  • A list of great commenting systems you can use with your website template

    If you don't know much about programming it is best to use third-party commenting systems; these are very easy to use. The best third-party commenting system in my opinion is Disqus. Other popular systems are Livefyre and IntenseDebate. Disqus Livefyre...

  • Hello from newbie

    Hello everyone i'am new here

  • what are the recent update for Google?

    friends share ur comments about google

  • Guest Posting Still Used or Not

    I have read in some websites that guest posting assures visible profits for improving the page rank. But there are many other social media platforms that ensure to boost up the page rank of website. My question is that, rather than investing time in...

  • Google Vs Facebook

    Can this happen in near future, right now they both seems to act as neighbors, but I can feel that both companies going to compete in business. These two are the most successful and goal driven companies to the most.

  • Neo Dance Website template

    Don’t just tell people about your dance studio or performance academy—this website template helps you show them with video! Download - View Web design sub pages:... Neo Dance Website template

  • effective way for getting organic traffic?

    hey friends share ur ideas ...

  • What is the best web design programming language?

    PHP is the traditional programming language, may i know any other alternatives that provides more features than php.



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