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  • Here's An Insane Tree House Village in the Dominican Republic

    It's hard to beat a good tree house. Unless of course your tree house is in the middle of a jungle, has an open bar, and a private waterfall, and is connected to an entire village of other tree houses via a network of rope bridges. Introducing the...

  • Wanna Add Someone to the Chubbies Nice List or the Chubbies Jabroni List?

    Christmas is all about making a list and checking it twice. And then making a second list, and checking that twice. And then naming the two lists the Chubbies Nice List and the Chubbies Jabroni List and allowing people to add their friends to either...

  • Ice Kart In Aspen On Kodiak Ski Lake

    Did you think karting was just for summer? Oh boy, I have some news for you. Welcome to Ice Karting. Located just outside of Aspen, Colorado, Aspen Ice Karting is the nation's only ice rental kart track in the country. Every year when the shallow,...

  • Want To Play Paintball In TANKS?

    Paintball in tanks sounds cool right? - WRONG. SOUNDS AWESOME. Well that is a thing you can do at Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields right next to Sherwood forest in Nottingham. Packages start around $15 USD and go up depending upon what game mode you...

  • Running With Pints the 0.5K Micro Marathon

    1640 feet, 656 steps, 500 meters, .5K. Could you do it? Of course you could! But how about without spilling the two beers you're going to be carrying? The Circle Brewing Co. 0.5K Micro Marathon has cone on every fall since 2014. The 0.5K donned "Running...

  • This Escaped Zoo Animal Drill Is The Greatest Thing Ever

    Looking for another reason to hit a zoo other than "awwwwwww Polar Bear babies"? Well, look no further than the Ueno Zoo's Escaped Animal Drill. The Japanese animal sanctuary -- which remains Tokyo's oldest existing zoo -- hosts a yearly drill as part...

  • Swim With A Crocodile In The Cage Of Death

    Want to get face to face with a crocodile over 5 meters long? Cause that is a thing you can do in Darwin City, Australia. Slide into the Cage of Death to be suspended above the crocodiles before being submerged into the water for a 360 degree view...

  • Movember Quiz: Who Do These Sports Mustaches Belong To?

    Good news, folks: Everyone's 14th favorite day of the year is BACK. That's right, it's the day Chubbies releases its annual Mustache Quiz. And after burning through TV mustaches last year and movie mustaches the year before that, we're turning our attention...

  • Here's How To Build A Good Ol' Fashioned Thanksgiving Turkey Catapult

    Ready to have the most fun you've ever had at Thanksgiving? Is that bar incredibly low because normally you have to spend your Thanksgiving talking to your weird cousin Karen who has three cats? Well, we've got you covered either way with *fervent...

  • Barstool Ski Racing Is Real

    How do all great things begin? Inside a bar. And such is the case with Barstool Ski Racing (duh). Thirty-nine years ago some old-timers were chillaxin at a bar near Glacier National Park when some slope youths (YOUTHS!) requested they join them out...



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