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  • Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    My family has always celebrated the holidays a bit differently than some others. We do our best to keep our focus on our family and spending time together, and not so much on the commercial aspects of Christmas that often assault our senses during this...

  • Is Matcha Better Than Green Tea?

    Author note: This is a guest post from Vineetha Reddy. More people are starting to opt for organic tea. It is mainly due to the various health benefits that naturally grown tea offers. The current favorite of herbal tea enthusiasts all over the world...

  • How to Start Homesteading (Inexpensively)

    It’s not always easy to figure out how to start homesteading when you’re strapped for cash, but with some creative thinking and a little bit of hard work you can start on your journey to an independent lifestyle. After all, if the idea behind you beginning...

  • What Does It Mean to Homestead?

    Homesteading doesn’t mean you have to own 1,836,301 acres of land, nor do you have to dress or speak a certain way. Homesteading [hohm-sted-ing] v. 1 the act of transforming a home into a property that produces some or all of its residents own food and...

  • How to Create a Natural Home

    Simplicity. Harmony. Peace. The Home. In a chemical-laden world…common, non-toxic kitchen ingredients such as: baking soda borax vinegar castile soap and a variety of herbs …are all wonderfully effective remedies for the home. Banish harmful chemicals...

  • How to Make an All-Natural Protective Paw Wax for Dogs & Cats

    Here at the homestead — in addition to the 3 dairy goats, 21 chickens, 50+ quail, and rabbits, we breed, train, and compete champion bird dogs. Presently, our kennels are filled with 10 professional hunting companions — all of whom we love and find much...

  • Benefits of Brushing With Tooth Powder – How to Make Your Own

    After trying to make our own toothpaste, and being somewhat satisfied with the results, I continued on my quest to find the perfect solution to store-bought toothpaste, ’cause I just can’t do it…I can’t buy toothpaste anymore! Yet, for some reason, it...

  • How to Make Homemade Biscuits from Scratch

    Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of making homemade biscuits and all manners of breads from scratch. My entire life, I have been able to express my creativity within the walls of my kitchen through: Baking Savory Meals Herbal...

  • 4 Virtues Necessary For A Sustainable Season of Thanksgiving

    The holidays are a time of celebration for many of us! I love hearing about all the different ways people celebrate. It seems as though underlying them all is good food and lots of it, parties, gift-giving, family and friends, etc. Unfortunately, the...

  • A Nourishing Chocolate Gravy Recipe

    Time for a yummy recipe! But first let’s review our family’s dietary guidelines. It’s really pretty basic: Our family chooses to value nutrition and we therefore take responsibility for our health. We do this by eating foods that are: home-grown locally...

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