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    Before last Sunday only seven women belonged to the sub-seven-second club in the 60-metre sprint Shelly Ann-Frazer Pryce became member number eight The reigning Olympic and World Champion joined an even more elite club of only two female athletes who...

  • Do you know your rights

    What would you do if you purchased a product and after taking it home discovered that it was defective What about if you paid for a service which you did not receiveIf you know the answers to the questions above then chances are you are very aware of...

  • A track worthy Lexus

    I passed through the heavily promoted car-party Heelz and Wheelz on Sunday This is not the official report but I was blown away by the unexpected and as such my hand has been forced This is a secret that will not be kept My story-telling African heritage...

  • Where is the Peace

    Today March 4 2014 is Peace Day and once again Jamaica will pause to reflect on the importance of conflict resolution Each year Jamaica led by PALS Peace and Love in Society asks everyone to consider their neighbour to be more loving and to resolve their...

  • Are Jamaican Businesses using Jamaican holidays to their best advantage

    So what were you doing last week FridayWell just to jog your memory that would be February 28 2014 Still not sure about the reason that date is important I am sure you will remember if you think harderWhat was the significance of that dateIf you havent...

  • Circuit Racing 2014 weight rules an unbearable burden for drivers

    Most motorsports fans are usually smitten with nervous but excited anticipation as the start of the new season approaches I am no different But unlike most motorsports fans I have a distinct advantage I am at liberty to commence investigative exercises...

  • Formula 1 Red Bull flying without wings in pre season testing

    I would love to exchange locations with the voice-recorder which is present in the room each time Red Bull Racings management team meets to evaluate what has happened thus far in the soon to begin 2014 F1 season Champions are never usually excited to...

  • Do you pay for air

    All air is free right I mean no one charges us to breathe every day and amid all the smoke that assails us on a regular basis we enjoy the one thing that is still freeShould air be freeWell not all air is free as certain types do attract a cost If you...

  • AE86 Update Preparation for Carnival of Speed 2013

    At Round 1 April the season-opener of the 2013 circuit racing season we jumped off the deep end I was aware of the steep climb that we had but as we say - Neva Scared We went in recognizing that we would possibly be schooled by the seasoned campaigners...

  • AE86 Update The journey home after Round 1

    The AE86 made its Dover debut in April 2013 and as expected several areas of concern which all deserved attention were identified We left the track motivated and determined to have a better showing at the next event MayAE is one resilient machine - it...

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