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  • Database of UPS inverter output waveforms (updated)

    Introduction This overview is an attempt to built a database of real output from different uninterruptible power supplies running in battery mode. In other words, database of UPS inverter waveforms. Many devices are built to operate with natural sine...

  • Next-generation SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 Gold series hit the market

    SilentiumPC has just introduced new series of their power supplies, the Supremo FM2 Gold. There are two units available at the moment, 650W (SPC168) and 750W (SPC169), both fully-modular. These units appear to be made by SAMA and they are 80 PLUS Gold...

  • Silverstone presents the VT02 Mini-STX enclosure

    Silverstone has just launched their newest Mini-STX enclosure, the VT02 (SST-VT02B). Very similar to the VT01 introduced last year, the VT02 has somewhat sharper edges and also larger air vents which can even cool the system down passively. Other than...

  • Repairing a PSU: Amacrox Calmer 560

    Introduction, the Calmer 560 Amacrox was established as one of few FSP retail brands in 2003, since than it no longer sells ATX power supplies rather than different brick PSUs, chargers and other generic garbage hundreds of Chinese brands make as well...

  • Chieftec Power Smart Series available in Europe

    Chieftec has just officially introduced the newest retail Power Smart Series of 80 PLUS Gold certified power supply units. The OEM is not confirmed yet, but it would be safe to guess at it being Channel Well Technology. There are four units available...

  • Semi-fanless EVGA B3 units hit the market

    The newest EVGA power supply series, the EVGA B3, has just reached the market. This family of units made by Super Flower pack a couple of interesting features including semi-fanless operation all the way up to 40% load. The user can however also turn...

  • Cooler Master introduces MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ

    Cooler Master has just recently officially introduced the newest member of its MasterWatt family of power supplies, the 1.2kW MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ (MPZ-C002-AFBAT). MIJ stands for Made In Japan (by Murata) and Cooler Master state they have spent...

  • Preview: Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) – a 200W dwarf

    The unit we have here today is kind of a dwarf among all the kilowatt-plus units on the market. It is the Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85), a 200W unit in the SFX form factor. This unit costs slightly over 800 CZK (over 36 Eur in Germany) but with only ...

  • Supermicro GS50-000R – a “gaming” chassis

    Introducing the Supermicro SuperChassis GS50-000R The Supermicro SuperChassis GS50-000R is an attempt by Supermicro to expand to retail home-user market. This midi-tower case comes in two versions, our model is only black-painted on the visible sides...

  • Review Awards and Badges

    Review awards and badges In this article are the awards that we give, to products which we deem worthy of them. This is also our first article authored (rather than just checked) by LongRunner (I’m in charge of the graphic design here  ). Scoring criteria...

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