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  • Hide IP Address and Begin Era of Freedom on Internet

    Today the laws of the land prohibit the access of many websites on the name of the creation of the better society. The institutions ban the same for the sake of privacy and the parents ban to foster the good culture in their kids. Unfortunately, none...

  • Hiding IP Address in Mobile Devices

    Mobility is rocking today and people are more leaning towards mobile devices to surf the web. Among the mobiles, mobile devices have lion share. However, for the sake of security, hiding IP address in mobile devices is a bit different thing than we do...

  • How to Do Blogging Anonymously

    Today bloggers think that if they use the simple measures to hide their real IP address like IP changer, IP scrambler, and VPN proxy services so they can do blogging anonymously. Unfortunately, smart techies have multiple tools to reveal your real IP...

  • Hide IP Addresses While Commenting on Blogs

    There is an adage that truth is always bitter. Therefore, when you are going to spit hard truths in blog commenting, consequences may be harsh. The best way to save from those all, you need to hide your real IP address while doing blog commenting and...

  • How and Why PPC Campaigners Hide IP Addresses

    There is multiple reasons and scenario when PPC advertisers like to hide IP address of their competitors or exclude entire region or city for their PPC ads. This post justifies when it is worth to do and when not. Modus Operand of PPC Campaigners To...

  • Some Eye Opening VPN Reviews

    Since last five and more years, there are some security companies on Internet, which are testing various Internet security software available in the market. Recently, they have shared their testing results and real customer reviews with media and come...

  • Why Everyone Should Hide Their IP Address Online

    There are tons of reasons for that every web surfer should hide their IP address while surfing online. This post is giving those reasons in a brief and comprehensive way. Why Hide IP Address If we give advice to any common web surfer to hide her/his...

  • Insight into Hide IP Addresses Trends

    It is said that nearly 410 million people are hiding their real IP addresses across the globe. In fact, it is a worrisome matter for online advertisers who are operating based on location-based ads by detecting IP addresses of users. Let’s check why...

  • How to Access Blocked Websites

    Many times our network providers, our network administrators, and our governments are implement some scripts, hardware, and laws to block the access to some sites for varied reasons. However, we can overcome those blockages easily using anonymous free...

  • How to Do Safe Torrent Surfing with Torrent VPN

    Movie and video downloading using torrent services or peer-to-peer network is a craze and needs of time. Unfortunately, we can’t hide our real Internet identity completely anyhow. Therefore, we need to take alternative routes that are safe and secure...

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