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  • Anyone have problems with antenna module?

    I have an '05 Civic EX special edition with a problem. When I switch on the rear window defogger, the radio volume decreases and the reception turns to about 50% static. I looked on the wiring diagram and the defogger and radio share a common thread...

  • 2000 Civic Si Build

    Check out my website to see my Civic build:

  • 1996-2000 civic hatchback vs 4dr sedan space

    Hi, Is there anyone here who has driven both the 4 door sedan and hatchback from the 1996-2000 year civic? I'm pretty tall (6'5") and have no problems in a hatchback but have never sat in or driven the 4 door sedan. Knowing that listed specs can be...

  • HELP - Blinking D4 and Check Engine Light-2000 Civic

    A few days ago I was sitting at a stop sign and all of a sudden my check engine light came on and my D4 light starting blinking. I wasn't sure what happened so I decided to go back home, but when I went to take off my car wouldn't drive forward any faster...

  • What is your favourite dish

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  • Overheating, cooling fans not coming on

    My cooling fans will not come on, ive checked fuses and switched relays they turned out good. But when i Short out my connector running to my thermostat (fan switch) itself the fan kicks on. i replaced the fan switch with high hopes of it running but...

  • How to find reverse lights wiring

    Hi i have a honda civic es cdti 09 plate i have bought reversing sensors to be fitted and i dont now where the reverse light wires are located. Any one have any ideas please?????

  • Scrapping grinding noise when turning

    Hello: I have a 2014 Honda Civic EX-L, brought brand new in June 2014, approx. 6,000 currently on it; only had 1 oil change. Car was doing fine; however, tonight when I was leaving the grocery store I notice there was a wet spot underneath the front...

  • Tire Sizes

    Hello, I have a 2013 Honda civic coupe I want to put the winter tires on it, they are 215/65R15. this is not the same tire size that came with the car, will these tires be ok.. im worried about my warranty on the vehicle.

  • 98 civic locking mechanism stuck/frozen

    So I went to wash my car last night and put wd-40 in the key holes after to keep the locks from freezing up. This morning I went to unlock the car and the key hole turns, but the car isn't unlocking. I'm guessing the locking mechanism inside the door... - Array



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