2010-09-01 Focus on an ICN Member This month ICN highlights a few of the ways in which nurses around the world are celebrating International Nurses Day.  Send us your event and we’ll add it to the list! The Belgian Nurses Association will be holding a Congress on 10 May 2012 on professioanl News and Rules of Good Practice”. The Danish Nurses Organisation is planning a range of professional features and surprises on 12 May 2012 at the Tivoli Concert Hall with guest speakers Patricia Benner and Marit Kirkevold. The Emirates Nursing Association will celebrate IND under the partonage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak with Jean Watson of Watson Caring Science Institute USA as the keynote speaker. The Malaysian Nurses Association is organising an event at the Shah Alam Convention Centre on the IND theme: Closing The Gap: From Evidence To Action" Members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation are planning regional events to celebrate IND. These include showcases of nursing practice with an open invitation to all nurses in the region, a quiz night or film evening, and a dinner to celebrate nursing featuring a keynote speaker. The Philippine Nurses Association is inviting everyone to join an IND Fun Run with distances ranging from 3-12 kilometres. The Royal College of Nursing Australia will link nurses together across this vast country by organising a National Nurses Breakfast.  Breakfasts will be held across Australia ranging from casual get-togethers with friends and colleagues to department organised gourmet spreads. The Swiss Nurses Association is highlighting the parliamentary initiative « Legal recognition of nursing responsibility » through the distribution of postcards and flyers on 12 May 2012. .