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  • 851 Days Of Exercise But No Burpees Yet

    ) Just did some barbell bent over rows on my 851st day in a row of some kind of exercise…not counting the 2-10 hours of tennis each week. A satisfying disciplinary achievement. Also read about the benefits of HIIT: high intensity interval training...

  • Super Achievements!

    I wrote in 2012 about Anne Zimmerman’s eight-hour, extreme ride at the Cycle for Survival event. This year I learned that of 16,000 riders, around 50 did it for four straight hours (with breaks at hourly changeovers), and only 3-5 rode for eight...

  • Athletics When You’re Tired

    After last Sunday’s push on the bike, I was pretty tired and felt a bit weak in the legs. So I planned to rest. But I played tennis four days out of five for a total of 10+ hours and did ok, winning 7/12 sets. The playing is so much fun and challenging...

  • This Year I Survived The Cycle For Survival Event

    For the fourth year I—and thousands of other cyclists—made it through the Cycle for Survival annual fund raising event. Over $19.6 million was raised this year, up from $14 million last year. Over $50 million has been raised since 2009. And...

  • Extraordinary Dance-ish Routines By Talent Show Applicant

    Sounds like Kenichi Ebina is self-taught. Well he learned how to move in an extraordinary manner. This video has received over 25 million views! So original, so powerful. He ended up winning the 2013 Season 8 competition of America’s Got Talent...

  • Building Up Stamina For The Big Cycling Event

    Getting in shape for a sport you haven’t done in a while can be a real challenge sometimes. Especially when there is lots of pressure to do things faster and harder. On Monday the 17th in 10-degree weather, I went to the garage and brought my bike...

  • Mice Are Helping Save My Son-in-law’s Life

    On March 2nd, I will again be riding with hundreds of others on stationary bicycles for one to four hours near Grand Central in Manhattan. All to help raise funds for rare cancer research that is poorly supported by major charities. Over the last seven...

  • If Only This Were Possible

    What’s athletic about this video is that it has adorable and unexpected dancing in it. Makes you smile to watch it and head for a magical mirror.

  • Newlywed Dies BASE Jumping When Chute Doesn’t Open

    After showing so many clips and videos of dangerous sports, I feel obliged to remind everyone that even experienced jumpers take life-threatening risks that sometimes don’t work out at all. Sad also that this woman had just married her BASE jumping...

  • Dynamic Bits Of Incredible Action Videos

    I can’t seem to get enough of these clips that show such beautiful, accomplished and dangerous moments in real people’s lives. Watching the Olympic skiers racing downhill at 80mph, I accept easily that I am not of their ilk. These people...

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