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  • What is the value of information over time?

    It has been a few years since A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter was published and the crowd-funding world has changed a lot since then. There are more crowd-funding sites, more crowd-funders, and more write ups about the process. As a result I’ve...

  • C-Loop Camera Mount: How to use blogs to build momentum for your campaign.

    In November of 2010 the team at Custom SLR launched the C-Loop Camera Mount. Having never launched a project before they quickly realized that their friends and family would not be enough to fund their project. They got to work making lists of blogs...

  • Glif an iPhone Tripod Mount: The design project that started a revolution.

    In October of 2011 Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt launched a design project that would spark a revolution. Almost anyone who has done a project design project on Kickstarter has heard of the Glif. So, I had to sit down with Dan Provost to talk about...

  • Capture Camera Clip System: The perfect mix of product and passion.

    In May of 2011 Peter Dering launched a wildly successful design project to being production on his Capture Clip System. In this interview we talk about how a single tweet from someone on twitter sent his project skyrocketing. More then just a cool product...

  • How to guarantee the success of a Kickstarter project…

    You can’t, and that’s not the point. Questions? Email me The post How to guarantee the success of a Kickstarter project… appeared first on A Kickstarter's Guide.

  • StreetXSW: My biggest entrepreneurial failure…

    A Year ago today I launched my third Kickstarter project called StreetXSW, which turned out to be my biggest entrepreneurial failure. The project was to create a photo book by shooting the SXSW festival in Austin TX in the street photography genre. I...

  • 24 Hours At The South Street Diner with Melissa Dowler

    In May of 2011 Tom and Melissa Dowler set out to make a documentary film about Boston’s only 24 hour restaurant The South Street Dinner. I recently sat down with Melissa to talk about her Kickstarter experience. They were able to get the project...

  • Check out my new series, Inside the Campaign

    A couple months ago I wrote that I am moving on from Kickstarter Guide, but still wanted to find a way to share my crowd-funding insights. Well over at I started a series called Inside The Campaign. I will be posting weekly updates as I working...

  • When it’s time to move on…

    A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone from the legal department. Dear Mr. de Witt, We’re thrilled to see that you had a great experience as a creator on Kickstarter and are looking to help others with your experience. However...

  • Kickstarter vs Indiegogo, why the platform doesn’t matter and the five factors that do.

    People often ask me which crowd-funding platform is the best. My response is, aside from the site guidelines and ease of use, it really doesn’t matter. Over the past couple years, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what successful...

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