2015-11-09 Akron Comicon was this weekend and the NE Ohio  Kastle regulars were out in force to represent Kreepy Kastle Televison and just as importantly, pust for next years MonsterFest mania which Kreepy Kastle Televison will be helping out with alongside Akron Comicon! We at the Kastle here are all comic book fans, and this was a great day for all of us, situated in  the front with and sharing a space with Son of Ghoul. The Mummy and the Monkey were recording interviews with folks as they walked in – my favorite moment was when she asked me (Dressed as the Thing) would I be able to beat the Hulk in a fight? I pointed out that the Hulk was right behind her and suggested she ask him herself. Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo with Mr. Maniacal when I’ve looked normal. The CW will be partnering with MonsterFest mania as well, and with thier strong super-hero lineup they were a perfect fit for the con. THey had a wheel set up where you could spin and win prizes. I got a squishy iZombie brain and the kids plundered the iZombie labled candy. Body parts and brains all… (We love iZombie here at the Kastle!) Mike Zeck and John Beatty are pretty great catches. I had comics for Tom Scioli, Rob Davis and Craig Boldman to sign, but the real treat of con for me was Ron Fortier who wrote my favorite version of the Green Hornet and sat and chatted with me for half an hour about the character, the series as well as his run on Terminator the Burning Earth. IT was fascinating to discover he was hesitant about returning to the title after NOW went through a bankruptcy but got wooed back during a particularly pleasant convention. Great to her his opinions on the current run and how glad we both are to see Kato is a girl again. He patiently signed my entire stack of books – most of his run. It’s also a great place to visit Dirk Manning – if you haven’t read his horror stuff – things like Nightmare World and Tales of Mr. Rhee you’re seriously missing out. Dirk participated in the Indi comic panel to give us his perspective on the industry and how he’s managed to thrive, straddling both the comic and horror genre. All in all, a great time at the con with wonderful comic guests. Seriously, if this is what we can expect from these same guys bringing us MonsterFest mania, it’ll be a time to remember. See you all there next year!