2015-11-02 Halloween is always big around here at the Kastle, and we have some non-traditional places we like to trick-or-treat. The Flea Market, the mall, the morgue… Saturday, my family and I started off our Halloween at the comic book shop! Every year they have an event called “Hallowen Comicfest”. It’s sort of a mini-Free Comic Book Day, but while FCBD has grown every year, swelling to near unmanageable proportions, Halloween Comicfest seems to have stayed nice and low key so far. We were able to walk right in, with the local comic shop here in Cleveland not being to crowded. No lines, no problems. We’re fortunate to have a very kids friendly shop out here and they always put on a good event, with candy for the kids, Hotel Transylvania on the TV’s. But most important were the comics. Halloween Comicfest has a selection of kid friendly books as well as some more adult ones thrown in . The one that REALLY caught my eye though was this: That’s a Famous Monsters logo in the corner! Seeing a Famous Monsters title slipped into this set just made my day, and I’m incredibly eager to read this one. I know our local shop didn’t run out entirely and there may still be a few of these and other interesting titles out there (the Chilling Tales of Sabrina is another I HIGHLY recommend – they’ve gone WAY dark on t his one). While you’re out plundering the haloween stores closing sales (like I’m going to be) swing by your local comic shop and see if there’s any of these left for you to try out!