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  • Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño & Coriander

    This canonical dish at one of my favourite restaurants, Nobu, had long been on my "to cook" list, so when MM Fresh Food told me they had yellowtail in stock, I jumped at the chance to recreate it. The restaurant uses yuzu juice but I didn't have any...

  • Teas to fight cancer

    It has finally warmed up in Duderstadt, where I am enjoying a spot of medical tourism for a few days, from an Arctic 9 degrees to the 20s and now sufficiently warm for me to breakfast outside. Amongst the smorgasbord of sausages and sauerkraut, I managed...

  • Raw Vegan Birthday Lunch with Private Chef Tina Barrat

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Yesterday I turned 41 and filled my day with, family, friends and food! As well as a considerable amount of cake throughout the day, a friend organised a raw vegan lunch with the Chef Tina Barrat, previously from...

  • Easy Music Cake

    Last week my eldest turned 7 and demanded a disco karaoke party. Not sure I knew what either were aged 7, but hey! Here are a few super easy treats I made while fitting the musical theme... In previous years my children's cakes have been made by the...

  • Far Infra Red Sauna

    I have long been frequenting the far infra red sauna at the Skin Gym, given its supposed healing properties for a smorgasbord of ailments. However, I hesitated from writing about it until I had the perfect accompanying shot and while I have taken several...

  • Curried Tigernuts

    Tiger nuts are a new find for me, a gift from a friend in fact. They are not actually a nut but in fact a smal; root vegetable containing more iron than red meat as well as prebiotic fibre. According to their supplier, Organic Gemini, they comprised...

  • Float On

    Magnesium is a magnificent mineral for our wellbeing in preventing migraines and osteoporosis, increasing energy, encouraging sleep and relieving muscle aches to name just a handful of benefits. However, 80% of adults are estimated to be deficient, including...

  • Shakshuka

    Shakshuka is my go to cancer-fighting breakfast, full of allium family veggies, omega 3 from the eggs and tonnes of anti-inflammatory spices including turmeric. I know how tempting it is to mop it up with some toast, but in the interest of being gluten...

  • Keto Stuffing

    In an attempt to produce a keto friendly Sunday roast, I made a stuffing today using a loaf of keto bread  baked earlier in the week comprising mainly egg whites (10!) and coconut flour. The bread alone wasn't a runaway success and unsurprisingly tasted...

  • Easy Kit Kat Treasure Chest

    In case you can't tell, this birthday cake was entirely made up, albeit with a little inspiration from Pinterest, and embarrassingly the first birthday cake that I have made for any of my children. In previous years I have been very fortunate to procure...




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