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  • LINQ Challenge #3

    I'm very excited to announce that in October I'll be speaking on LINQ at Techorama Netherlands, sharing some of my best practices for becoming more effective with LINQ. This means its time for another LINQ Challenge! These are short programming challenges...

  • Creating simple CRUD REST-style APIs with Azure Functions C# Bindings

    Rapid API Development with Azure Functions If you need to rapidly create a simple REST-Style CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API, then Azure Functions makes it really easy. You can create multiple functions, one for each operation, and then map...

  • Using Azure Functions v2 proxies to avoid CORS issues

    Azure Functions proxies and the v2 runtime One of the many great features of Azure Functions is the ability to define proxies. I've blogged before about how to use proxies for static website hosting, and I also used proxies in my Building Serverless...

  • Waiting for External Events with Timeouts in Durable Functions

    One of the workflow patterns that Azure Durable Functions supports is waiting for an external event. This is ideal for scenarios like waiting for manual approval before a process can continue, or waiting for an external system to perform a task. Whenever...

  • New Features in Durable Functions

    It's only been a month since I released my Durable Functions Fundamentals course on Pluralsight, but it's great to see that the platform is continuing to evolve and pick up new features. A new v1.5 was released yesterday, and so I thought I'd highlight...

  • NAudio and .NET Standard

    I started creating NAudio back in 2002, using v1.0 of the .NET Framework and developing on the open source SharpDevelop IDE. Of course, a huge amount has changed in the .NET world since then. However, since NAudio was heavily used in commercial applications...

  • Span<T> for Audio

    10 years ago I blogged that one of my most wanted C# language features was the ability to perform reinterpret casts between different array types (e.g. cast a byte[] to a float[]). This is something you frequently need to do in audio programming, where...

  • How to get Visual Studio 2017 Live Unit Testing working with NUnit tests

    Visual Studio 2017 comes with a great new feature called Live Unit Testing. This feature discovers and runs unit tests while you are coding, giving you inline feedback of which tests are passing, and exactly which lines are covered by the tests. When...

  • Getting Started with Azure Container Instances

    I'm really pleased to announce the launch of my latest Pluralsight course, Azure Container Instances: Getting Started. There's a lot of things to love about Azure Container Instances: They're the quickest and easiest way to run containers in Azure...

  • Integrating ACI with other Azure services

    Containers Containers Containers One of the big themes from this year's Build conference was containers. Service Fabric Mesh will make it easier to run containers on Service Fabric. Web Apps for Containers now supports multi-container web apps and Windows...

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