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  • Add IOT “Smarts” to your Mailbox with Z-Wave Home Automation!

    We show you how to connect your Z-Wave Home Automation network to your mailbox to receive SMS Txt message notifications when your mailbox is opened.   Combining a Fibaro Door and Window sensor along with an external magnetic contact switch allows us...

  • Connect a Z-Wave Thermostat and Control your Harman Pellet Stove

    We have another Z-wave DIY for remote control heating.   This how-to will be useful to those that heat there homes via pellet stoves and want to connect a Z-Wave thermostat.  Take a peek at our Z-Wave How-To and see how easy it is to connect a Z-Wave...

  • Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Strip review

    We review the Aeon Z-Wave enabled power strip called the Smart Strip.  Using the Aeon Z-Wave enabled Smart Strip in your home gives you a single z-wave device with 4 separate z-wave switches to independently control and monitor energy on each of the...

  • More Amazon Echo Z-Wave Control Options

    Earlier this week Amazon announced two new additions to the Amazon Echo family, the Tap and Dot (Shown left to right in the image) If you use your Amazon Echo to control your Z-Wave network like I do you’ll be happy to know these new options help you...

  • Give the Gift of Z-Wave – Twelve Z-Wave Devices we want under our Christmas Tree!

    Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping!    Give the gift of Z-Wave with our list of 12 devices that will enhance your Z-Wave Home Automation Network.   We love our Z-Wave network and we’ve selected 12 Z-Wave devices that we would love...

  • We review Imperihome Pro Home Automation Control App

    Imperihome Home Automation Control App Reviewed If you use Vera Home Automation or the Phillips Hue system, you probably want to check out the Imperihome software for Android and iPhone/iPad.  This great app does everything and looks great with it’s...

  • Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor Review

    Want to protect your home from water damage?   We just wrapped up a review of the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Water sensor.   This little guy can alert you of a leak and can also alarm on the lack of water for use with hydroponics, fish tanks, house plants...

  • Yale YRD110 Push Button Z-Wave Deadbolt Review

    We’ve published our long term review of the Yale YRD110 Push Button Key Free Z-Wave Deadbolt.  This Z-Wave capable deadbolt is 100% keyless and has a unique backup battery option as well.  Come check out the review and see why we like push button locks...

  • Updated Server and DNS for

    We’ve been growing in popularity and it was time to upgrade the server and DNS for this site.  We’ve made two big upgrades.  First off, we moved our Primary DNS to, a great managed DNS provider with a fast Anycast DNS network that you...

  • Using Amazon Echo to control your Vera powered Z-Wave Smarthome

    Total Home Automation Bliss!   Amazon Echo and Z-Wave integration is a reality…….I finally added voice control to my smarthome using the Amazon Echo and Vera Edge Z-Wave controller.   I’ve integrated it with several things including door locks, lighting...



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